Green Corridor Run – 27 Jan 2013

My first run of the year. and I think this run’s my third encounter with the Green Corridor. (1) tiong bahru trail run (just the 2.5km part), (2) exploratory trek with meetup group. Well, Green corridor was an old railway that used to connect Singapore to Malaysia.

Recently, Malaysia handed back the ownership of the rail line to Singapore,hence, a huge campaign against redeveloping the Green Corridor has been pushed by Nature Society. The campaign was successful. It’s now being widely used for nature adventure and exploration.

OK. Race pack collection was a week before the race. In the race pack, there’s no free shirt. They only provided BIB tag with time chip, visor, race information pamphlet and a voucher. It’s understandable because this race was for a good cause.

Race Day: For baggage deposit, there were 3 trucks corresponding to the 3 race waves, truck 1’s for people running at wave one, truck 2 for wave 2 and 3 for wave three. Baggage would be transported to the other end for collection.Cool.

I came early and the cue for wave one baggage deposit was long, hence i decided to load my bag at truck 2 (less cue) but I came so early that could still run with wave 1 people. Wave 1’s mainly for faster runner , wave 2’s for average runners like myself and wave 3’s for people who were planning to walk the race. There were 30minutes gap between each waves and I didn’t want to wait longer hence, i joined wave one.

The run started at Tanjong Pagar Rail Station and finished at Bukit Timah Rail Station.

I already had a picture of this trail in my mind, and I thought it would all be mud-covered due to occassional rainfall this past few weeks. Aside from that, my friend trekked there a week before and he warned me that it was very very muddy.

Course gradient varied but its slightly disappointing to see that the supposed to be overly muddy parts were covered with ply woods. Anyway, I enjoyed the run. I enjoyed watching people crowding to wait for less dirty trails. I enjoyed eavesdropping to other people’s conversation.

There were 2 white guys about (age) 40s and they were talking about someone. One guy said,

“Yeah at this age, he doesn’t have a house, wife, children…still staying in some shitty hotels, what kind of life is that? sometimes i read his blogs, and it was ahhh…” The other guy was just listening to him complaining about the poor traveller (i assumed).

I thought of my crush. and I wanted to tell the complaining white guy,

“at least your friend is not only living the way society dictates how life is to be lived…duh..i’m sure you’re envious of his freedom.=b” but of course I didn’t.

Anyway, back to the race. I finished with a slightly better timing than my previous Salomon xtrail run and less rugged also. At the end of the race, we got our medal and free face towel.

Hmm….had Mc Donalds breakkie after the run…my reward. then prepped to meet up my friend, P.

dirth shoes, bib,visor,towel,finisher medal


By the way, photos were sent to my email..for sale..=)

PICTURE CERT that you can buy from the organiizers

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