Subconscious screamed.. I almost listened…

I was cycling with an acquaintance when suddenly some multi-colored light appeared  up on the sky. I thought it was something beautiful, but it was covered with clouds. I could not see the source.  All I could see was that the thing’s flashing its different hues of light. Suddenly, people started running. I was confused I ran with them to the nearest shelter.

In one corner, just sitting on the bermuda-covered ground, I saw people selling personalized shoes. People were sitting close by painting their own designs. In front of the stall, there’s a shop selling different stuff. I wanted to buy cheese popcorn when suddenly people started running again. An aircraft crashed. I got nervous I ran with the people again. We reached the crash site (didn’t see which aircraft though) and I overheard that the pilots flying the craft were a team of father and son.

OMG! I trembled, I got scared…could it be? NOOOO… I saw my friend, M. He seemed unaffected. I was about to walk to him and ask, when I suddenly saw J, my  ex.  Relieved, I sighed. I was glad it wasn’t him and I was happy to see him.

I walked to him.

We went into one military ship. It was empty but there were signs that people who used that ship before we came had a grand party then, they all abandoned the ship. We were walking, investigating when unexpectedly we heard footsteps. Could this be some terrorists, I thought. We ran again and tried to look for the source of the footsteps. We went out… our relief, civilians were in there and having a gathering, it seems. Everyone’s laughing and having a great time. J sat beside me. I started singing a happy song and he sang with me. He kissed me in the forehead. In a blink, his new gf’s there. She sang too, and J sang with her too.

And tadah! The ship moved. His gf disappeared. There were mountains covered with snow. I thought they were beautiful. I was mesmerized. I was so happy seeing these views with J.

Riot started again. Another aircraft crashed. So, we had to stop there. He hugged me, I touched his familiar hair and nape. It felt the same. Once again, he kissed me in the forehead…..and I was awake!

It was all a dream. Awake, I found myself tearing….again..

How could he still affect me that way after a long time and after all the pain? I thought I was ok, but my sub-conscious seems to disagree! Now…I can’t tell!=(

About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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