Your Past Does Not Define Your Future – by Bo Sanchez

your past does not define your future - borrowed

A book once again borrowed from Phil. I decided to read the book because its short and I thought it would be an easy read. Unlike his other books, this is very very very serious, no jokes, no humour.

It was about Bo being molested by his cousin when he was young, how this event made him into a sex addict and eventually, how he realized that despite this, God and those people who sincerely love him would still accept him.

The content was not very relevant to me hence; I didn’t really fined stuff that really touched me from this book. Nevertheless, these are the few;

“I also believe that successful men who weren’t able to tame their sexual urges could have been more successful men if they did.” – pg 70

“A few years ago, I went to Greece and Turkey for a pilgrimage and traced St. Paul’s missionary journey.

Most of the sacred sites we visited were actually ruins. It was interesting. We flew thousands of miles and spent thousands of of dollars to see what? Broken down walls, crumbling pillars, statues with no heads, the rubble of the dusty past. In one sense, they didn’t look nice.

My friend, if you followed this book, you’ve just taken an inner pilgrimage to the broken-down ruins of your life- And they didn’t look nice as well. You saw how you destroyed yourself and how others destroyed your life.

But beneath what was phisycally, psychologically, and even spiritually broken, you discovered the undying presence of God. Yes, they were sacred sites too!” pg 135

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