50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James

50SHADES- yani's gift

Yeah. The most talked about book of the year and I have a copy.

No. I didn’t buy it. I’ve never planned on buying it. I don’t buy books because it’s popular; I do because they’re interesting. This was a gift from Yani for my 30th birthday. She thought I might learn (a thing or more) something from it because as we all know, it’s well-described by most as “porn book for housewives”. (read between the lines or guess why she chose to give me this book lol) I don’t waste books hence despite disinterest, I still read it!=D

“He murmurs…” ”I murmur….” ”My inner goddess…” ”My heart is going to jump out my mouth/chest…” These are the author’s favourite phrases. These were evenly scattered within the pages of the book, every page sometimes twice in one page.

This is the first instalment of a trilogy. Story was superficial but entertaining especially the last part. I particularly enjoyed their email conversations than the characters’ face to face verbal exchange. Their emails were witty and funny.

It’s a story of a sexually-inexperienced girl , Anastasia Steele, meeting a very handsome and successful man who was a control-freak and into BDSM, Christian Grey. They both long for each other carnally but Ana wanted more. She thought she already loved him but she couldn’t accept the fact that she has to be his submissive.

Christian had a fucked up childhood and she wanted to get to know this part of his life but every time, he refused to tell her. He refused to be touched as well. She was so eager to get to know him better but every time she tried to interrogate, he purposely diverts her attention by doing “sexy” things instead.

In summary, this book is just about Ana’s struggle to decide whether to embrace BDSM with Christian or not. This book ended badly. She somehow broke up with him.

Would I buy the next book? I don’t think so. Maybe I’ll just wait for someone to give me a copy again. haha

But hey, before I forget…I’ve fave lines from the book still haha

“You see ,Ana, men think that anything that comes out of a woman’s mouth is a problem to be solved. Not some vague idea that we’d like to kick around and talk about for a while and then forget. Men prefer action.” –pg 415

“It’s very hard to grow up in a perfect family when you’re not perfect.” – pg 432

“I think I’ve kissed a prince, mom. I hope he doesn’t turn into a frog.” Pg. 471

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