28 dec 2012 from tacloban to naval to maripipi

We had to wake up at 4am, because we wanted to catch Duptour’s first trip. Unfortunately, we missed it. We had to wait for another looong 2 hours for the next trip to Naval.

According to kuya Jerry  (the tricycle driver), Vanvan’s service is better because they have vans available every 20minutes and they would only have one stop for inspection, unlike Duptours , which have 4 stops for inspection.

Based on some readings, Tacloban to Naval, Biliran’s supposed to take  2-2.5hrs only but we arrived to Naval after past 3hrs of travelling. We were scared that we wouldn’t be able to catch the boats to Maripipi which would all be leaving around 10am.

There were 3 boat option;  Ma. Lourdes, Brian Claire (if you plan to relax take this because this boat takes longer at 3hours to Maripipi, they’ve an on board store) and Viga Express. We took the latter because my uncle (tito Nilo) knows the owner of Viga express.  We were led to the Captain’s “cockpit”. I wasn’t expecting such a huge boat, I thought I was only 20seaters.   

HAPPY fresh air -viga express

vips at viga express

Upon arriving we had to take habal habal to my auntie’s place. We stayed with them for 2days. Yes. I was that lucky. I didn’t know that my Auntie’s hometown is there…the place where I wanted to go, until this trip. (Thank u titos and titas!)

habal habal im a proud daughter

proud of mama!feel the fear and do it anyway
rode with ma =)

Duptours from Tacloban to Naval (first trip 4am last trip 7pm) – 140Php per person

Viga Express from Naval to Maripipi  (10am only) – 60Php per person

Habal Habal from port to nearby barangays – 60Php

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