My First Malay Wedding Reception experience: Max and Shikin’s

It was my first time to attend a Malay wedding reception. I’ve been to an engagement few years back, but wedding, it was my first.

I decided to purchase my very own baju kurung since (malay women’s traditional costume) I wanted to mix and wear like how they would in celebrations like this and because Shikin’s a good friend, I didn’t at all mind to do so. Yani helped us buy our outfit at Golden landmark last Friday.

I went to Yani’s house just to dress up with them because I was uncomfortable and doubtful if I would be able to correctly wear my new baju and aside from that, knowing that I am not Malay, I initially felt slightly embarrassed flaunting my new suit around and slightly afraid that people might suddenly come up and talk to me in Bahasa Melayu, I wouldn’t know how to answer. At least with Yan, she can translate for me.

my first baju kurung

Rach, Yan and I went to the reception together. We first went to Shikin’s house. Her parents’ house looked so country style and they’ve got this cute indoor garden. I personally got surprised to see that, the house was quiet with only Shikin, her make-up artist and 2 photographers in it. All the closest family members were already busy entertaining the guests at the void deck, unlike the usual Filipino wedding, bride and groom would always be with their families, bridesmaids and groom’s men.

indoor garden.cute=)

shikin's house amazing details

Inside the house, there was also this well decorated “stage”. Yani said this is where the couple sits at when they’re inside the house. Of course, upon seeing this stage, we collectively decided this was a PHOTO OPP!!!lol This was to entertain ourselves while waiting for Shikin. lol

stage photo opp

stage photo opp

Shikin was also amazingly relaxed. Lol.. I’m sure if it was my wedding reception, I’d act like a mad woman, running here and there. Anyway, we went down to the void deck after she finished preparing and decided to come down. We were instructed to give our ampaos to her mum later on.

the lovely bride in her moss green baju

We all went down and joined all the other guests in the void deck. There were so many people we had a difficult time finding seats. Luckily, we saw the rest of the ENT staff and in their table; there were seats just enough for us to sit at.

Unlike Filipino weddings where in, most of the time, there are prepared seating arrangements for everyone, if not, seats enough for all those invited would be provided, Malay wedding was free-seating and thousands (according to them) were invited hence  I could just understand that it’s really impossible to fit everyone into the space. People just come, eat, take photo with the couple and go!

Buffet spread was open for all People can just gate crash and it wouldn’t be obvious. Rachel and I were joking around, we thought of just gate crashing Malay weddings every weekend since its open for all anyway.=D

They hired a Malay DJ and I was happy because I was trying my best to understand and polish my limited Bahasa Melayu, but God, I didn’t understand a single sentence. Lol Another surprise was, they’ve karaoke facilities as well! As part of the entertainment, the DJ invited guests to sing. They also gave away popcorn! How cool is that?! =D

Ok. Max came in with his family(?) while the percussion band’s playing behind him. Wearing their traditional costume, Baju Melayu with head gear and a dagger, he looked so respectable and hmm..very masculine. To my surprise, there were people blocking his way to the stage and Yani explained to me that this is actually part of the tradition where in bride’s relatives would block the groom’s way, like obstacle, and ask for money or gifts from the groom, and if they’re satisfied with his offerings, they would let him pass through. In Max’s case, he was blocked 3x before reaching the stage and seeing his beautiful bride. (I just learned that money from this obstacle wouldn’t be given to the couple, whoever blocks and receives will keep

Max entering

max can’t pass through

Upon reaching the stage, Shikin kissed Max’s hand (salam) and some of the percussion band members, danced in front of the couple.

Band members dancing too

After that, karaoke session continued while people continued to eat, take photos and go! Suddenly, the DJ announced the cessation of the karaoke session because the couple would ,at that time, be going to the groom’s place for the reception there (yes, there were two separate receptions).

We rushed to the stage to have our picture taken with them. We were only gone for less than 2minutes but amazingly, when we returned back to our seats, our table had already been taken over by another group of people. Lol In the end, we had to look for another table to continue with our desserts. After the stunning couple left, we just stayed for a few more minutes then decided to go home too to make space for all the other guests who just arrived.

couple’s exit

Upon exit, we finally saw Shikin’s mum. We gave her our ampaos then she asked if we were Muslims or not. Souvenir for Muslims was prayer mat and for non-Muslim Redondo wafer sticks..Yum!

And there goes my first Malay wedding reception experience.=D

It was different but fun!=)

Congrats to Shikin and Max! May you have plenty of babies!

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