My Saturday story…8 dec12

Last week I paid my housing bank loan! Woohoo I am officially debt-free!
This morning, I volunteered to sell different types of crackers, nutmeg syrup, belacan, and rojak sauce to raise money for the church’s building fund. It was so touching to see that most uncles were buying kerupuks for their grandchildren. It made me miss my late grand dads. My mom’s dad, used to recite poems to us, while my dad’s father always talked to us about education and how much he wanted me to be a doctor (he must be disappointed I didn’t turn out to be one,or….maybe not..=b)



One of the aunties who also volunteered asked me, “you don’t have a boyfriend ah?’ I shook my head. She continued, “you don’t mind Singaporean?”

I said “I don’t at all mind.” (if only she knew, I care not about race, religion or any other differences..but I do care about the teeth)

She said “I’ll introduce one man to you, very matured, he’s an accountant”

 I started to get excited!

She continued, “42-years old, divorcee, his wife left him and brought their child along.”


I inconsiderately blurted out, “If the wife left him, there must be something wrong with him.”

Oopps again. Why did I say that? That was so tactless…I thought, maybe the poor guy’s her son.

Anyway, to somehow ease the possible pain  I have caused a mother, I just said, “..and I’ve never done blind or arranged dates before. I am usually very shy” (which was true)

She said, “Yeah, you’ll never know, it’s case to case and by chance.”

I think, it’s the 3rd or 4th time I have been asked by a Chinese auntie to date someone they know after knowing that I am single but I’ve never agreed. I all along thought Chinese families are strict when it comes to their children or relatives dating or marrying a non-Chinese. Well, maybe it’s not always true after all.

After I my shift (12:30pm) I went to have lunch at the church’s canteen. I sat alone while quietly eating my mee siam. Suddenly, the auntie seated opposite me talked to me about her life. She said that she used to be the only Catholic in the family and last year, her mother, at 91 years old, decided to get baptised. Recently, another grandchild followed and also got baptised. She also talked to me about her mother’s falls and injuries; and about her own arm and leg injuries. I just patiently listened to her because I know; they need people to listen to their stories. And to tell you the truth, I enjoyed listening and watching her animated facial expressions despite my difficulty in understanding her thick accent in a very noisy environment. She decided to give me a calendar and a Catholic newspaper which cost $1 then I bid her goodbye.

I then went to check out the book sale at Ang Mo Kio and from there, was able to buy 3 books at $12 which included one Malay Dictionary. (haha, now, Ive got 2)
books promo

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