Paskong Pinoy 2012: Giant Parol Light-up Ceremony 1 Dec 2012

Parol is the most popular ornament in the Philippines every Christmas season. It symbolizes the star that the three wise men followed to the manger. Lanterns also signify Christ being our light.  It used to be the cheapest Christmas décor, made of just bamboo sticks and  papel de japon, a family could hang outside the window of their houses. Now it has evolved into something more grandiose made of multi-coloured capiz shells or fiber glasses with thousands of dancing lights. Truly, star-gazing, is more fun in the Philippines.

A giant parol made in San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines was brought to Singapore for display at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, first time this has happened in Singapore and I wanted to take part. With the help of Windel, I volunteered to become an usherette. I was supposed to be there to help at the same time, witness the lighting up ceremony but I was not able to do my job because I guess the VIPs didn’t really need to be ushered because they already knew where to go and also, there were enough people already helping there; hence I just completed my second reason for going, to witness it being lit up.

Ten..nine..eight…. every one’s excited to see this giant parol being lit up.. As soon as the host shouted..ONE…the choir started singing and the colourful parol lights started dancing congruently with the beautiful music from Psalmideo Choral Group. It was beautiful. I’ve always been proud to be a Pinoy and this is one of the many reasons why. We are indeed artistic and festive people. It was great to experience this event, first time in Singapore..=)

me and the giant parol

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