ehem…ugh! Salmon Xtrail Run 2012…

I knew my cough would be affecting my running performance but I just decided to go ahead and still join the race. I’ve joined a number of races here in Singapore and the first time I tried Salomon Xtrail, I knew this will become one of my favourites. This is the only event I’ve already joined in twice. It’s all about mud, dirt, trail, and running…this is basically Salomon X-trail Run.


It was held at Tampines Bike Trail, same as last year’s location. Route was slightly different though. I think, this year’s slightly tougher. There were more puddles of mud, gravel, (somewhat) thigh-deep stream that we needed to cross and other different running conditions.

My nose was blocked and my cough never ceased. Both accompanied me all the way to the finish line but despite these I still managed to enjoy the race.=)

****** I was thinking about “him” hence, I was definitely inspired and it showed because I was smiling the whole time. It was him in my head all along until I reached the thigh-deep stream wherein I found the volunteer assisting in that spot overly

 I wanted just to fall deep into the stream to get close to him but decided against it because I didn’t bring extra shorts to change after the race.  I was just looking at him for a few minutes while waiting for my turn to cross. The volunteer was doing his job helping the runners ascend back to the trail and continuously shouting “if I were you, I wouldn’t run into the might lose your shoes!” Most didn’t listen and still dip themselves into the stream. I thought, “was it because he’s cute and these other girls wanted to get close to him too?” Haha, it was just a crazy idea. . So, I just went to cross using the improvised bridge made of branches…away from the temptation..away from him..Hayy.. another wasted opportunity (as if).=b

I just let my mind wander around for a few minutes and as soon as I passed through the stream I started thinking about “my him” again. Goodness, he inspires me! Lol*******

me, obviously smiling for no apparent reason.

Ok. Let’s go back to the race. At one part, there was this one white guy behind me whom I identified as a ‘garbage truck’ (someone who dumps negativity unto other people) because the moment one volunteer cheered us and said “Go.You can do it!!” . He rudely responded “Shut the f* up!”. Ok.  I ran as fast as I could to maintain great distance from him. I didn’t want to hear any more from him. I didn’t want to listen to his negativity!

I was able to finish and still enjoy the race despite the fact that I wasn’t 100% well.  Salomon Xtrail Run will still remain as one of my favourites! As of the moment, I’m already looking forward to joining again next year!=)

muddy shoes

embarrassing time

By the way, before I forget, I ran with Kuya Noel and Jackie this year unlike last year, I was all by myself=)

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