How to Prosper: Learn a Simple 5-Point System to Change Your Financial Life Forever. – Bo Sanchez

Thanks to Phil, I am now a very busy individual. He let me borrow all his books (mostly cup of tea) while he’s in the Philippines awaiting for a new job offer.

phil's books (2)
Phil's Books

I chose to read this book first because it’s the thinnest therefore, the easiest to read. Proud to say I was able to finish it within half a day because at work, there’s nothing much happening this morning.

How to prosper - borrowed

I've read few of Bo's books and questions about this double-facet writer/speaker always linger every time I do so. How is it possible that he can actually talk about God and Money at the same time? Isn't it “we can't serve two masters at the same time”? Isn't it “we should love God above anything else”? Oh well, this book somehow gave me an idea about how he views God and /over Money.

It is true that God wants us to prosper and not to suffer due to lack of resources. He provided us with all the resources we need in this lifetime, internally (innate talents) and externally (materials) and it should be up to us on how we can productively make use of all these. I'm pretty sure that God really wants us to prosper (materially and spiritually). Unfortunately, our own distorted beliefs and fears are the only hindrances that are stopping us….

The book imparted "Simple 5-Point System to Change our Financial Life Forever" and here are the steps and my favourite lines from the book:

Action 1Believe: Prosper your Mind Prosper your Money

 "The reason why many people don't prosper is because their wrong beliefs prevent them from prospering.

They dont believe that they will prosper

They Don't believe that they deserve to prosper.

They don't believe that God wants them to prosper.

Their container is too small." – pg 23

Action 2Serve: Increase Your Income by Increasing Your Service

"I believe the only path to happy prosperity if through Service." – pg 29

"Many times, you don't get rewarded right away. Many times, the person you served won't eve reward you. That's OK. Keep serving anyway. And God's universe will see to it that get rewarded in some other way." pg 30

"How do you increase your service? There are only three ways: Increase the

(1) Scale : how many costumers do you serve?

(2) Satisfaction: how many costumers are happy with your service?

 Friend, it's very possible that your boss won't apperciate you. It's very possible that your company won't recognize you. Don't worry. Serve with excellence anyway. Because one day, you'll be rewarded. You'll be appreciated by someone else! One day, others will hear about you and hire you on the spot.

And God will reward you for all the years you served.

(3) Spirit :how many costumers have become your friends?" pg 35-41"

Action 3Grow: Grow Your Anointing, Grow your Wealth

"Grow where your roots are." pg 53

" Growth is located just outside your comfort zone." – pg 53

"Everything that you want is just outside your comfort zone." -pg 55

Action 4Duplicate : Duplicate Yourself to Duplicate Your Money

Action 5Invest: How to be a Billionaire

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