Day 4: 29 Oct 2012: Kuching City tour alone…

Joyce had to leave earlier for her medical appointment but before that, we managed to find a place to eat our favourite kolo mee. This time, its the halal version. We both thought the first one (with pork) was better. Surprisingly, that stall in Abell st was once again closed..on a Monday.

 We requested transport service from that lodge which only cost us RM25, a dollar cheaper than when we arrived and used cab.

 After 8:15am, I was on my own again. I decided to check out early, left my bag with the lodge and went for my own Kuching city adventure. I planned to go to Civic Center by walking.(Planned to start from the farthest moving in to the main city area)

 It was raining that day and I noticed that, I was the only pedestrian loitering around the city by foot. I started walking at about 9:30am and reached my first destination 45mins from then (I dropped by St Joseph's church again, just for a quick prayer). I used the lift to go to the third level though I was really tempted to use the stairs. As expected, I was alone. The view deck was empty like I would be able to contemplate there. I could only hear the relaxing sound of rain drops unto the roof and then in the process, absorb the view..everything.. for myself.

kuching civic center

 I wanted to stay longer but I had very limited time. I still planned to go for Museum hopping, street adventure and find that satay tang hoon shop,the owner of the lodge recommended.

 Ok. Time contraint, I made a move. I started walking back to a complex of museums. First stop was the Ethnology Museum, then Arts Museum, then Natural History Museum, then Sarawak Museum (opposite side, gotta cross the bridge) and lastly, the Islamic Museum.

museums 1

That time, in the Natural History Museum, they were having an Exhibit entitled Fossil Wood Gallery, therefore, there was an entrance fee of RM4 to go in.

My favourite was the exhibit in Sarawak Museum entitled “Depart with Style”. It featured different rituals and customs of death. I wasn’t able to read every description; hence I just purchased a book which they were selling in line with this exhibition. My second favourite was the Quran exhibit in the Islamic Museum which featured a replica of the earliest hand written Quran. 

museums 2

I spent almost 45min-1hour walking along every major and minor streets of the city, only to find that Pork Satay Tanghoon shop. I found it at Carpenter St. (Kuching’s China town, inside Harmony Arch,opposite a small temple)It’s a street parallel to Main Bazaar St. According to the owner of the lodge, they only sell this dish from 12 to about 4pm. It was really good because it’s made of my favourite meat, babi.

pork satay tanghoon

I then went to a nearby mall to buy a drink and then headed back to the lodge. I also asked the lodge to send me off, and I too had to pay, RM25. That concluded our Kuching Adventure. Til next time CAT CITY.=)

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