Day 2: 27 Oct 2012 Bako National Park…not just a walk in the park! (but I loved it)

As per recommendation, we had our breakfast at one of the stalls along Jalan Abell (after OSK). We had our first try of the well-known and recommended Kolo Mee. It’s a different type of noodle mixed with some pork broth and minced pork meat (I guess, based on its look and taste). According to the owner of the lodge, most stalls only serve this until 12pm hence, we can only eat it for breakfast. We like it so much that we planned to eat it again the next day.

kolo mee

That day, we planned to go to Bako National Park. Going there was very straight forward. *Take the Red bus, Rapid Kuching ( Petra Jaya Transport; terminal’s near Kuching Mosque; first bus leaves at 7am and it would only cost RM3.50 for one way). In our case, we luckily got picked up by the bus somewhere near the Cat Monument.

We were happily loitering around the area and then suddenly, I noticed a red bus coming our way and Joyce’s initial reaction was to hail. Surprisingly, the driver stopped (there wasn’t any bus stop nearby but he stopped anyway) we then rushed to take this red bus to Kampung Bako, a fishing village. Along the way, the driver still picked up some passengers and in the process dropped some off. Drive to Kampung Bako was about 45mins.

From this village, we were supposed to take a boat at RM47 one way (required to buy two way for day trippers = RM 94). The boat can bring up to 5 people. While cuing to purchase our ticket to the National Park (RM 20), a couple approached me and asked me if we (Joyce and I) wanted to share the boat ride with them. I readily said yes. (RM47 X 2way / 4pax = RM23.50 each) Boat ride was about 20mins.

transport to bako1

The couple was from Singapore too and they already made plans on which trail to take (Lintang trail). I and Joyce, on the other hand, had no plans.

Boat ride was by itself an adventure. As we cross  South China sea, the waves were crazily striking our boat. We were flying unsteadily at high speed. We were wearing life vests but it felt like we wouldn’t survive this ride (exaggerated feeling ,because I don’t know how to swim). The boatman asked us to meet him again at 4:30pm. We had 4-5hours to explore Bako National Park.

bako national park entrance

bako trails
Trail options

We reached the shore and went straight to the reception. We were informed that with limited time we had, its only advisable that we take Batu (45-1hr one way) and Kecil trail (1.5-2hrs one way). Batu Trail was recommended for us to see Proboscis monkeys while Kecil trail’s to see the beautiful view of the sea and sea stack.

We went for the farther trail first and planned that if we had more time remaining, we would proceed trekking the Batu trail. As we were clearing Kecil trail, I was so surprised to realize that it was not a “Walk in the park” kind of park. It was a real trek which would make one use both arms and legs to ascend. I wasn’t dressed and prepared for this. I didn’t bring water and food too. Anyway, the trail was a mixture of vegetation, sand, mud, rocks both dry and wet types.


along the way

After an hour or so, Kecil trail comes to a rocky headland. Here, views of the beach, sea stack and cliff were superb. The headland was great place to rest our tired calves and take some nice photographs.



 We spent around 20mins there and then we started our descent. Along the way, we already saw monkeys, hence we decided not go and continue to trek Batu Trail. We just decided to rest and grab something to eat.

We took the boat back with the couple  and took the red bus again at RM3.50. We reached the city at 5pm. We were all muddy and sweaty hence we decided to bathe first before going to St. Joseph Church for the anticipated mass. We took cab going there which cost us RM15, fixed price, just so we won’t be late for our first holy mass celebration in Kuching.

rapid kuching time table
Rapid Kuching Time table (might be helpful to you)

st.joseph church

After the mass, we rushed to get our most craved for dinner. We went to this 24hr restaurant, Khatulistiwa, to try Sarawak laksa for the first time. And that Laksa concluded our day! =)

laksa sarawak

Conclusion: Bako National Park = Not really a walk in the park!

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