Lost in Jurong Old Railway Track 06 Oct 2012

Jurong Old Railway track

 I was supposed to join Panadol’s Yoga by the Sea in the afternoon, but since our Company’s Dinner and Dance would be held later tonight as well, going for that yoga thing wouldn’t anymore be convenient…but I still wanted to do something…something physical…something difficult…hence, when Phil and Noel invited me to join this trek, I was like, “why not?” At least this trek, would be completed before 2pm and I would still have enough time to prepare for our D&D.

There were 17 of us. Meet up time was 745am at Dover MRT. We started walking around 8AM. Initial part or the trek was all concrete beside the canal/drainage  (not sure of the name), road, over-pass, then, after about 10-15mins of walking, the “real trek” began.

The trail was still beside a concrete drainage or canal yet it was more challenging because of the mud and the fact that it was heavily vegetated. According to them, the last time they passed by there for trekking, the grasses were waist high, but now, it was apparent that someone already cleared the way for us.lol No more of those waist high grasses.

Yay. We reached the more difficult trails. Going up and down the dark and slippery slopes just felt so challenging yet amazing. (I know, you might think it’s a little bit masochistic, but I just can’t explain, I love this kind of pain!)


heavily vegetated

The trail was a mixture of concrete, muddy, and heavily vegetated trails up until we reached the most awaited, old railway track. It was really really old that it’s now all covered with more mud, fallen trees, and grasses. Yes. The old railway track was transformed into a secondary forest and indeed, mother nature reclaimed what was rightfully hers. The view through that trail was nostalgic.

railway warning light......

mud loveee

more mud

 fallen trees

While thinking and being absorbed in reminiscing about the past, I experienced sudden gush of excitement upon seeing a dark, huge and mysterious portal, the (even more) muddy tunnel where I had difficulty getting my feet to stride because the ankle-deep mud was too heavy.


muddy shoes aftr the tunnel

Railway track ,as expected, was long hence, we walked some more until we reached the other most awaited site, the old railhead. It was within the “civilization”. Looking down, we could see 2 different canals or drains intersecting just below the rails and the HDBs surrounding them.


fr railhead

view fr the railhead

 I was initially hesitant to go in because obviously, it was not very legal to do it (there was aluminium or soft metal fence, surrounding it,  but it looked forcefully bent and opened so people could go in) . But since everyone’s doing it, I just decided to join the band wagon. GO! I climbed up bravely without any more heeding about the possible consequence of getting caught!

cant enter but we did it anyway

keep out sign, but still we went in.....

After taking more photos, we walked a little bit more down the concretes. We ended the trek at Clementi. We all ,then, went out to find a place to eat! We had our Makan time to reward ourselves after completing another tiring yet absolutely fulfilling trek!=)

Later, I’ll be a gothic chic!

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