Eventful Birthday Month 2012

This entry’s to summarize my birthday celebrations here and in the Philippines.

12 Sept 2012 – My colleagues and I just went for a simple buffet meal at Melting Pot at Holiday Inn Atrium. I got 12 vouchers from Groupon. Thought the buffet spread and variety’s worth it’s price.

my colleagues
melting pot holiday inn atrium

15 -23 Sept 2012 – I flew back to the Philippines.

I did the usual stuff like shopping, pedicure, massage; oh I watched a JL movie with mama etc because, as we all know, things are cheaper back home.

On the 19th, I was able to meet up with Taline. We initially planned to go to Corregidor, but unfortunately, the ferries going there only operate on Thur-Sun. It was indicated in the website but from Jul-Aug only. So I thought transport heading there would be operating more regularly after that period. Too bad, they STILL don’t.

 I’ll be having a separate entry about this trip because it was my first time going there hence, there’s a lot to say.

Yay! Sep 20, my birthday! We decided to have my house blessing on that day as well. We had the food (beef caldereta, pork mushroom, chicken pastel, pancit malabon, miki/bihon, maja blanca) catered. Mum cooked Chopseuy and they got me a chocolate cake. I bought Yema cake from Lucban.

We rented out chairs, tables and Karaoke machine. My party/blessing was well attended. New neighbors, “old” neighbors, relatives, my sister and her bf. It was special and fun.
my cake
yummy food food

Too bad I had to go back to reality and work. Haiz

26 Sept 2012 – In Singapore once again. I celebrated my birthday with my housemates, and choir mates. Plan was just to have a meal at Lau Pa Sat but then it stretched out to me, having another concert there. There was a band performing that night and they all forced me to sing. I chose the song Zombie by Cranberries since I flipped through their songbook, and I knew nothing except Zombie. I wasn’t able to perfectly sang it due to my usual ‘stage fright attacks’ but it was fun.

After the concert (lol), we decided to head to Insomia, Chimes to continue the release on our very strong need to perform. Entrance was $20 that day, inclusive of free flow of drinks. I had 2 pineapple vodka. We danced like tomorrow wouldn’t exist. It was one hell of a crazy night!

food247718_10151167301998433_1177204411_nmore foodmy concert lolz
band in insomia

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