hours after my 30th bday celebration….

21 Sept 2012; 2am


Warning: This post contains very personal and emotional account of my past decade…a little bit narcissistic hence, if you’re not really interested in getting to know me a little bit better or if you think you already know me and my past decade’s milestones; and there’s no need for you to re-learn them, you are most welcome to skip the whole story and just proceed to the highlighted paragraphs.

By the way, there’s no parental guidance required, sorry!;b


My birthday celebration/house blessing just finished and here I am EMOING at home, reminiscing about the decade that just passed;

Now.thirty. three decades (ahhh).I am grateful because I am still alive! The past decade had been amazingly rich with experience, ablaze with emotions and burning with adult-life crises and solutions.

At 21, I got my BS degree. On the same year, I decided to pursue my Master’s degree. I got in and while studying I bagged a part-time job with an NGO as a research assistant. Working for that NGO for 2 years showered me with a lot of opportunities to introduce hearing awareness to the entire country and at the same time, chances to explore some parts of my beloved, Philippines while working. Working with that NGO turned out to be a very enriching experience because I started opening myself up to go past and beyond my comfort zone.

At 23, I graduated with honors. It was beyond my expectation and imagination! I had to bid my part-time job goodbye because I had to find a job that I can do full time, but before I could even start worrying about that, another opportunity knocked therefore immediately after graduation, I was lucky to be able to get a full time job as an Audiologist in a private hearing center.

Content and happy with the life I had, I’ve never dreamt of working overseas. Aside from that, I somehow had a budding relationship with a boy that time; hence, leaving for abroad was not really part of my options. Not until, a friend started bugging me every single day at work to beg and plea for me to accept the offer and work in Singapore with her.

Six months after graduation, I found myself cuing at POEA, completing all the necessary requirements to start my new adventure as an OFW!

Nov 2005, my friend and I flew to Singapore. It was my first time to take an international flight. That boy sent me off and gave me something to hold onto and think about while I was away. He gave me a pen with "I love you, ate" engraved on it. It was the first time he expressed that and the sad thing was, I was already going away when he did it.

Life in Singapore wasn't hard, except for, of course, differences in accent, mine and theirs. Other than that, I was able to adapt quite well. I have to admit, I cried countless times, due to some patients’ complains, homesickness and sometimes, heartache (SOMETIMES). Despite these, I still managed to get back and perform well at work.

Four best life lessons I learned from working in Singapore were (1) don't sweat the small stuff; (2) my patients are my bosses, I shouldn't care much on what other people think about me or FTs; for as long as my patients are happy with my services, I'm happy too. (3) Just enjoy the ride; and just recently (4) feel the fear and do it anyway.;)

Singapore became my second home. I fell in love with my work and the people I work with. I've always loved working with children, and being able to do that for long, was indeed a rewarding experience.

Fortunately, after working for 4years, I was able to secure the one and only material thing I ever wanted since I started working, my own house. I dreamt and planned of having one before reaching the age of thirty and lucky for me, it turned into reality!

In 2007, that boy became my first boyfriend (quite late right?!) but our relationship only lasted for 2 and a half years. The break up was a rollercoaster ride for me. It brought me plenty of sleepless and depressed nights yet surprisingly, at the same time, it led me to the best times of my life.

It opened innumerable doors of opportunities to see more of what the world can offer and in the process, get inspired to explore and learn more. It prepared my way for meeting and gaining new friends and experiencing new things I've never imagined I would go for and do before; and the most important thing was, it brought me to realize a lot of things about myself, both the good and bad.

Recovery from the said experience was a piece of cake because of the great bunch of people who journeyed with me through that process.

Now, I am happy. I am enjoying every single moment with people I care about the most, my family and friends. =)

You might be wondering why in the world were you tagged in this note; Well, it’s because YOU (believe it or not) somehow made an impact on me, either you helped me and/ or inspired me. I consider YOU as one of my lighthouses.

As what lighthouses mean to sailors; for me, it symbolizes Guidance and hope. Your guidance and words kept me focused and adhered to my path, goals and motives; it may not be the right and best path, but pretty sure it’s a fun path (in short, you kept me sane) Also, knowing you somehow gave me more reasons to be hopeful and optimistic once again. (Sniff sniff + teary eyed)

To end this note I'd like to send my GREAT APPRECIATION and THANKS to ALL OF YOU, my LIGHTHOUSES (my family, friends, to those inspiring people I just met, to everyone at my workplace, my boss, the entire Singapore and to God (seriously) for keeping me alive, able and happy!)  My thirtieth wouldn't be as happy and complete if not for all of you! haizzzz

*Never thought being thirty could make one so emotional!=b*

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