hate myself..wahhh

“Goodluck Goodluck! “

I just left him a private message in Facebook. I’ve been trying to communicate with him since I added him in there. I initiated this FB friendship just because I thought he’s cute! And now, WHAT??! He’ll be leaving again soon and nothing of great deal has happened yet. No dates, not even a friendly hang out!

And why am I feeling this way? Goodness, I’m already missing him!

I’m beginning to fear the fact that I’m turning back into my old self again. I’m starting to go psycho, cyber-stalking him again and feeling hurt and jealous when I see something “new” in his Facebook WALL. I am trying to control this tendency of mine because I know; somehow, this is among the many other causes why my previous relationship failed.

I am scared as hell now. I miss him and I’m scared because I know this is something beyond my mind’s control. Is it just because I’ve nobody else to think about? Am I just missing the feeling of missing another person outside my bloodline? Or am I really missing him?

For now I can’t say. All I know is that I just want to keep talking to him the whole day…and night..Through Facebook!

This might be insane to think but I’d forever remember him because this is the first time ever I’ve tried to make a move onto a guy I’m attracted to.

ARGH! Hating myself now!=b

2012-09-13 13.17.03

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