last weekend!

31Aug to 1-2 sept 2012

Cont. Night Festival

We just wanted to see and experience Fuerza Bruta by Ozono Producciones (Argentina). Fuerza Bruta showcases surreal and breath-taking acts by different artistes;

Corredoras (SMU Green)

A huge foil-like curtain emerged from the side and two dancers, which appeared like they’re chasing each other, rapidly ran from one side to another, somersaulting and diving at a remarkable speed.

Mylar (SMU Green)

We watched this two times because the first time, we weren’t at the center, thus the second time we just had to make sure we’re at the center most part of the 15 meter suspended pool.

This translucent pool carried four dancers which slip and slid all over. The colored light and music gave the performance some hallucinatory effect. The pool went up and down, until our own finger tips could touch it and somehow see the dancers close by trying to entice their audience by making some weird poses.

It was beautiful. I was pretty sure it has a story to tell but honestly, I didn’t get it. What I got was actually stiffed neck from looking up and watching the dancers for 30 minutes.

La Argentina Feat. The Analog Girl, Kiat, Dharni, Bloco Singapura (Armenian Street)

A crane held a dancer suspended while she alternatively flew and danced with the pound of a percussion band. I think the confetti they showered the audience made the performance even more magical!

After these we stayed up for a while to watch the amazing Beat boxers! OMG! I enjoyed their performance so much. I danced, screamed and TRIED SO HARD to beat box with

The next day, I attended Zaza’s 2nd Birthday Party then at night, I went to the rehearsal for the Annual procession 2012.

Procession day: As planned, to relax myself for my task as a Communion Minister, I bought wine and drank it while taking lunch.

I started to comply with friends who invited me for occasional social drinking sessions, just this year thus, I’ve drank alcohol before and nothing happened to me.

Surprisingly, this time, I got tipsy. My surrounding was rotating and I felt really giddy. My salivation was incessant, I kept on spitting. Despite this feeling, I tried not to take coffee because I know, if I did, it will overpower my calming solution and get very nervous during the administration of communion.

I went to church and I seriously couldn’t handle my alcohol-related vertigo, hence, instead of sacrificing the possibility of me enjoying the procession and mass, I just took coffee. I thought, never mind its effects later!=b

As expected, while giving the communion, my hands were terribly shaking which I think made a lot of them a little uncomfortable. Despite this, I was able to complete the task of being a Communion Minister! First time!

We went for a Korean BBQ buffet and went home.

As we reached home, I decided to take shower. I took my clothes off and to my horror, I saw my hands and backside’s (buttocks and back) all red!

I was not sure from where the allergy-like symptom was from but I was suspecting it was from the alcohol intake + stress. I immediately took half spoon of sugar for first aid and drank a lot of water.

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Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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