My week’s busy-ness

As always, there were so many activities this week. It was a non-working holiday last Monday due to Hari Raya Aidilfitri and because of that, ate VC decided to celebrate her birthday on that day. She had it at Labrador Park. It was my first time there.


As always, if it’s ate VC’s party, it’s food galore to the max! We had barbequed pork, chicken, prawn, corn, sausages, veggies, adobo, rice cakes, “gintaang halohalo” etc etc. WOW!


After lunch we decided to head back to Bukit Chermin, ate VC’s employer’s place, to continue the party. We ate some more and after that, went for a quick swim!


Yay! Week was short! Friday came like wind, unexpected! We planned to go to Singapore Night Festival. We first went to places with free items (Nestle 1930s Street Stall) haha. Free coffee, free Kitkat. We played some games to win something, then we headed to Night Photobooth Analogue style @Peek where they showcased old cameras and interesting camera stands and accessories!

Of course there were free photo shots. Ok just two photos were taken using an old camera then Iphone. Then we dropped by Peranakan Museum.


We also popped by National Museum platform to watch the Circus Swingapore.


Then to end the night, we went to the relaxing Under the Banyan Tree open Air Cinema and watched “Ibu Mertua Ku” (My Mother in Law). My first Malay film! Haha since the atmosphere was romantic, we were all wishing we had a romantic “interest” with us while watching that very tragic film.haha


O well, it was about a wealthy young woman who fell in love with a musician. It was funny how during that time (1962), a Malay girl initiated something to get the guy she wanted while up to know, I am not doing it! Lol

Going back to the story, her mother already planned to fix her marriage with a doctor Despite her mother’s warning to disown her if she chooses the musician; she still went ahead and married the musician. Disowned, her mother just gave her 5000Ringgit which they spent and finished quickly after marriage. Soon after, the marriage encountered problems, mostly financial, and the mother took advantage of it.

Sabariah was pregnant and the husband agreed to let Sabariah’s mother bring her back to Singapore to give birth, with the promise that after giving birth, the mother would bring her back to Penang. Unfortunately, the mother had this evil plan of stealing all the letters they sent to each other and to top that, the mum sent a fake letter to the husband saying that Sabariah died during delivery. The mother arranged for Sabariah to marry the doctor she initially fixed for her to marry.

The musician cried until he became blind. Homeless, he then wondered around until he met a family who took care of him until he got discovered again as a saxophone player. He played all over Malaysia and in Singapore, his ex wife saw him play again.

Then the ex-wife asked her husband who’s a doctor to operate on the musician’s eyes. He agreed. Now, being able to see again, the musician saw Sabariah again and then realized the truth of what happened. He decided to make himself blind again by poking his eyes with a fork! Upon seeing his bleeding eye’s the evil Mother had a heart attack and died. The family who took care of the musician in Penang came to the rescue and took him back there, once again, blind!

Tragic and depressing! We then went home.

Next night, it was lighter. We watched the Free Running exhibition at Cathay then we went for dinner at Baja Fresh, then walked along Bras Basah Street to watch some of the performers competing for the Busking competition then joined the Line dance! Weeehhhhh!!! Watched a little bit of the band VooDoo as well.

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