29-30 Jul 2012: Think Tanker for 2 days

Cochlear once again sponsored me for another workshop. They’ve been generous in doing so either locally or internationally since I joined our hospital . This time they sent me to Bangkok, Thailand. They sponsored my flight (Thai Airways) meals and accommodation (Bangkok Living) for 3 nights. I decided to extend for another 2 nights. This entry will only be about the first two days….workshop days.

As mentioned, I took Thai Airways. I flew with the main speaker,Jane Madel, Meliza, Leah and Tze Ling. As always, authority always scares me. I know it was my opportunity to talk and get to know Jane a little better, and get to know more audiology-related stuff while waiting to board, yet still, I chickened out..argh I hate thinking about the opportunity I’ve once again missed!

During the flight, nothing’s great except for the in-flight movie I watched “The Vow” and the food. I had chicken and dry noodle. We arrived at the designated accommodation at midnight. I slept soundly as always.

Bangkok Living Accomodation

Next day was the beginning of the workshop! It was held at the North Light Center. It was a privately owned center not only for the hearing impaired but also for other kids with special needs. The set-up was amazing. Students have their own music, art, mapping, sensory integration, gym, light rooms and the staff has board, working rooms. I wished I could set-up something like that in the Philippines.

Everyone’s barefooted inside this center









Workshop started and of course, I was just a wallflower. While everyone’s sharing, I was just listening passively. Jane’s topics were very interesting. I learned a lot from her.
Meals from breakfast to dinners were provided by Cochlear as well. After the entire workshop, I shopped with Colleagues from the Philippines.



Excitement started to arise for the next day would be the beginning of my 3days-2nights rest and leisure.

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