Day 3 plan
Today we will leave Yogyakarta. Before continuing the trip to the next city, we will visit one of the fantastic cultural heritages that is Prambanan Temple which is the biggest Hindus temple in Indonesia. Next we will go to Solo to see the structure of Solo’s kraton palace and continue the trip to Sarangan lake in Magetan, after visiting those places we will continue to Blitar

Today, instead of taking car to our next destination, we took Andong, it’s a traditional mode of transportation for short distance in Jogja. Its like our very own Calesa in the Philippines. The only difference is that Andong has more seats. We went to Yoyga Sultan Kraton or Sultan Palace and museum using this transportation.

Inside the guide brought us around. I couldn’t believe that the 9th sultan only have one wife and five daughters. The guide also brought us to an alley where the sultan’s workers actually reside. Some of them also built they’re own businesses in there.
sultan kraton palace

Outside the palace, there were two banyan trees. Legend says that nobody can actually pass at the middle of those two trees, walking straight. People who tried would always walk misaligned. We were interested but we were not able to try due to time constraint. Our guide said, only the purest could pass through the two trees straight. Made me wonder, am I pure enough? hehe

intertwined tree
Two intertwined trees

4 and 5 petals from the same tree

make batik
Tried making batik.

We then drove to a silver shop. They taught us how to make silver wares and accessories as well. There were beautiful items but I didn’t really have plans to buy any.
make silver

We then drove for another 2 hours to Solo’s Sunan Palace. Unfortunately it closes at 2pm on Mondays, thus, we weren’t able to visit it. According to our guide, before, there was only one authority in the region (Central Java) but then after some political disputes, it got divided into 2 palaces which were built in Jogja and Solo (the Surakarta Sunanate and The Yogyakarta Sultanate).
sunanate solo
Solo sunanate

Opposite the Palace was a restaurant where we lunch. I ordered mihun bakso goreng (Fried vermicelli with meatballs) which was not too great. We then drove for another 4-5hours to Blitar. We stayed in a pretty and quaint hotel, Tugu. It was said that it was Sukarno’s (Indonesia’s first president) favorite hotel when he needed one in Blitar, his hometown. (http://www.tuguhotels.com/blitar/index.html)
tugu blitar

I was starting to be more excited because we already entered East Java. Mt. Bromo, I’m coming to see you soon!

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