The Mystery Method: How to Put Beautiful Women Under Your Spell

Don’t get me wrong.. I’m not into women. My guy friend is actively using this (book) method, practically living it and I think it’s very very effective. He really is getting a lot of women to like him. I decided to read this book out of curiosity and because I thought maybe, I could use some tips on how to attract men too……;b

The Mystery Method: How to Put Beautiful Women Under Your Spell
The Venusian Arts Handbook 2nd Edition

Here are some theories, thoughts and quotes I found amusing in this book;

“While the primary purpose of your life is to survive, your secondary purpose is to replicate.”

“…all people live under constant pressure to balance between protecting themselves from others and aligning themselves with others. This balance is called dynamic social homeostasis.”

“When man approaches one, he risks rejection, and if that happens, all the women will know, which will diminish his value in their eyes – maybe to the point where non of the women will mate with him. This is called pre-selection – women look for social validation of their choices. A suitor who is pre-selected is more attractive, whereas as a man who have been rejected will be less so. Another factor regarding approach anxiety is the possibility that she may already be taken…..” (Rejection and Approach Anxiety)

“…for example, you were choking right now, the need to breathe would be stronger than your need to be loved. Let’s face it, you won’t die if nobody loves you.”

“Martial art consist of practiced routines that, once internalized will improve your survival chances. Venusian arts consist of practiced routines that, once internalized will improve your replication chances.”

“Women are attracted to passionate, purposeful men….she doesn’t really care so much what you are passionate about, just that you are passionate about something. It’s attractive.”

“Try wearing at least one item that is cool and attention getting. It may be used as a lock-in prop as well as allow women to make a comment, good or bad, if they wish to open a conversation with you.” (Peacocking)

“Logic and reason can be used to determine a course of action, but often, they are instead used to rationalize the action after the fact. This is true for both men and women- we are motivated by our emotions and then we backwards rationalize our actions.”

Anti-slut defense, plausible deniability, inventive courage.”

“Forms of investment: ……Time, the more time you spend together, the more invested she becomes. It takes an average of four to tem hours before sex.”

“keeping a woman around is an active process. After you win her over, you can’t just put her on the box and pull her out like a toy when you feel like playing with her. She needs constant attention, stimulation and a firm hand, and several trillion other things. She will never be completely content, but it is possible to keep her coming back for more and get her in love with you.”

“Therefore, keep the bait just barely out of her reach and continually entice her in small increments,” (Cat Theory)

“It is interesting to note that : 80% of man’s attraction switches are set to respond to a woman’s replication value. Only 20% respond t her survival value; Only 20% of a woman’s switches re set to respond to a man’s replication value, while 80% respond to his survival value.”

“You have to get as close to the breaking point as you can without crossing the line.” (Neg Theory)

“When girls see that other gals have pre-selected you, they feel more attracted to you a a result.” ( Demonstration of Higher Value)

“Basic group theory operates on a combination of DHVs: 1. The social proof that is generated by taking over the group. Personality traits are also demonstrated to the group and thus, obliquely to the target. 2. The ability of the neg not only to convey higher value, but also to simultaneously disarm the obstacles, remove the target’s sexual power and motivate her to chase after you to get it back.”

“Fear of loss is more powerful motivator than anticipation of gain.” (Jealousy Plotlines)

Next 2 might work;

“Vulnerability is attractive and builds comfort instead of trying to protect your ego, set it free. Be willing to laugh at yourself – it shows confidence.”

“When we relate our identity, sometimes it can create distance instead of closeness. But the use of a grounding routine allows her to follow your life through stories leading up to where you are today. It hels her to relate to you and to empathize as if she had been there with you.”

“If you log the minutes you spend with a woman, you’ll realize that it usually takes somewhere between four and teb hours, cumulatively, to go from meeting her to having sex with her. The average is around seven hours.” (seven hours rule)

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