Indeed I am! Just to make a testimonial on how great God is to me, I am writing this entry.

Few weeks ago, our house agent informed us that she will increase our rent for this upcoming contract (1year). As much as we all hated it, we couldn’t do much because she informed us 2 weeks before our current contract ends. We probed her to give the new rent price earlier but she only managed to do it that week. We had to decide quickly, and if we decide to move out, we only had 2 short weeks to pack up and move, which for me, was impossible.

Because of the increase in rental I was planning to ask my boss for salary increment but my conscience sort of controlled me. She said ‘dont be greedy’…ok then, I decided not to do it. I told myself, I’ll just pray and wait.

Stressed about this, I guess, psychosomatically, my right wisdom tooth started to ache like there’s no tomorrow. Since I was really planning to go back home (Phil), I decided just to go and have it extracted there to save money rather than doing it here. Price of tooth extraction here is actually about the same as my air-ticket plus the surgery itself. Cheaper but still its ‘another unexpected expense’.

Yesterday morning, we’ve seen less patients than usual, thus at those times that I wasn’t doing anything, I decided to take a look at my predicted expenses this month. It was over my month’s salary. I tried re-computing few more times and it resulted to the same figures.

I was worried financially.

The day was almost over when my boss called for a meeting. First few points were ,of course, matters that I’d rather not think about. Then at the end of the meeting, he announced the good news!!! We all will have salary increment. WOW! thank God.

I was so happy because few minutes ago, my month’s salary was not enough, then all of a sudden, its break even!=)

I am indeed blessed! I haven’t even asked, He has already given it to me!=)

About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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