Good Friday 2012

Last week, I felt a little depressed because I (over) heard a pride-crushing comment from an authority of an activity I heeded about so much these past few months. I thought I was doing better. Alone, I constantly practiced. I was trying my best to get better at this craft. That’s me; I take everything I do seriously. (Over) Hearing him say that in front of other people afflicted my overly sensitive feelings (and pride)….

After the mass yesterday, I was with K and she spoke to one ex-choir mate, who’s serving now as a hospitality minister. Our ex-choir mate said, she decided to quit the choir because initially, when the leaders auditioned her, they assigned her as soprano. After a while, they changed their minds and decided to make her sing with the altos. She said, she didn’t like the idea; and admitted that her pride got hurt. Hence, because of pride, she left.

She said she loved serving at Novena Church. She tried joining other choirs and churches. She sang with sopranos again, just like how she wanted it to be, but still she wasn’t happy.

**Aside from the discontent she was feeling with other churches, what else made her decide to join Novena again, despite her crushed pride?

She said, she went for confession and frankly disclosed to the priest about her painful experience with our choir; and the advice she got from the priest was…”BE HUMBLE!” (I was shaken, I mused…HE’s speaking to me too) Practice humility. From then on, she joined Novena back and despite that she’s not anymore part of our choir, she’s now happier serving the church she loves, as a hospitality minister.

Jesus is the Son of God and yet, He readily accepted his fate. We, humans despised him; put him on trial and eventually, death. He forgave US. What he went through is a perfect example of HUMILITY!

I have to admit, HUMILITY is something I’m deficient of….

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