Gunung Arong, Malaysia

Feb 11, 2012

"2 hour track up the 255 metres high Gunung Arong Forest Reserve Mountain. The summit gives a superb picturesque view of South China Sea!! Upon descend trail it'll lead to a nice beach walk."

"Gunung Arong Recreational ForestGunong Arong (120 meters) is the main feature of this park. It is 17km from Mersing and 22 km from Endau. It also has a Forestry Museum on site. (2°33′44″N 103°48′27″E / 2.5622216°N 103.807497°E / 2.5622216; 103.807497 (Gunung Arong Recreational Forest))"

Highlights of the said climb were firstly, of course, the summit. Secondly, the reward, walking along the beach!!!!! I want more!!!


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2 Responses to Gunung Arong, Malaysia

  1. letrinh269Le says:

    Hi, this is a great trekking place with the beach! I am planning for a group of friends in early July. Just want to ask if you need the permit or guide (like Berlumut). It is a much easier and shorter mountain/hill compared to Berlumut. 2 years ago, we went and a Malaysian guy stopped us mid way asking for money as we did not have permit. He said we must have a permit. Since then, we are reluctant to come back. Bad memory fades so now here I am. Doing research for the next trip to Mersing.

    • Miss_Pia says:

      According to my friend who organizes these hiking trips, yes, there’s a need for permit to hike Arong and accdg to him, usually, he asks their/our driver to obtain this…The trails are quite easy, hence, you may choose not to have a guide…at your own risk..;)

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