goodbye 2011 hello 2012…..

Last year was a unique and exciting year for me but at the same time, the worst year of my entire existence….

As I recall it, we broke up early 2010, but then I realized after one year (2011) that i still love him, only to find out that he didn’t have anything for me anymore. So last year, was a year full of regrets and struggles, I struggled to get him back, struggled to forgive myself , struggled on trying not to cry when i knew he was with another girl, struggled on to restore and heal myself back to being happy. That was my 2011, I struggled a lot!!!

12 months of ups and mostly, downs……

The guy i used to love seemed to be getting more and more distant thus, i tried to reach out. Despite all my efforts, he totally just continued to be indifferent.

I went back, booked everything to follow him to Zamboanga just to talk to him, but he made it apparent that he was not excited to see me, thus, i just went back to Manila.

Still cried day in and out!

Made efforts to send some cakes and have them delivered to him directly on his birthday, despite the fact that he was in Davao and it was difficult to find someone who delivers directly to the recipient. Most of the shops required cakes to be collected personally yet still, I managed to find someone who delivers while im here in Singapore!!!! Sent 3 cards too. but it seemed that he didnt appreciate these efforts.

Joined 2xu compression run (12km). Went back to Phil for Holy week. Tried to control my tears, didnt want them to see how ruined I was.

Still tried to communicate with him despite all the rejections ive been receiving. Cried a million buckets of tears already!!Shifted from Jalan Rajah to Balestier. Found my new family here in Singapore.

Went to Melbourne,Australia for a workshop. Met with Joey, my long time friend. Went back home (Phil)coz my grandma passed away. Cried for 2 reasons now.

Nothing much. Tears still flowing! By the end of July,Eros and I attended one Krav Maga trial session.

I joined Race againest cancer (15KM). i signed up for 3months to learn Krav Maga. Decided to join Joyce to go Roman Chariot European Tour.

Hello, Paris,Spain,Switzerland,Italy, Monaco, Vatican City…Philippines..I also went back!!hehehe I started to recover. But then…..They started making their relationship public!!! He posted their pics together and these dragged be back to depression!!! Worst birthday gift ever!!!!

KKH Dinner and Dance. i was nominated for best constume but unfortunately,I didnt win. Though I was lucky enough to bag the 15th place in the raffle draw. I got 1 Tissot watch. Krav Maga kept me excited during this period.

Joined Salomon XTrail Run (10km) which I loved!!! still doing KM and I got new crush.

Went back for Christmas and New Year. As I was inspired by the trail run I joined onto last November, together with papa and sis, I had my first hiking experience.

There goes the summary of the year that was!!! now, I’m slowly recovering!!!!!

About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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