2012 Compatibilty with each animal sign (Dog)

lilian too and jennifer too’s fortunes & feng shui dog 2012

Dog with Rat – mismatched objective cause disagreements

Dog with Ox – neither benefits the other – mistrust rules

Dog with tiger – fantastic allies enhancing each other

Dog with rabbit – mistrust colors this relationship

Dog with dragon -a non-starter in relationship stakes

Dog with snake -unlikely allies, but in 2012, a special connection

Dog with horse – allies yes, but divergent interests this year

Dog with sheep – can be good and loyal friends this year

Dog with Monkey – like finding a soulmate and bringing satisfaction

Dog with rooster – empathy and loving energy between this pair

Dog with dog – two of a kind suspicious of each other’s motives

Dog with boar – losing interest amidst of hard times


anuver….konti ng options nxt year..heheheh


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