Am I following God’s will?

Am I following God’s will?
Few weeks ago, I knew that my housemate’s BF’s family would be coming to Singapore and they’d stay in our house for a few days. Since their room would not be able to accomodate all of them, they planned to make some stay in our living room. I knew that those days that they’d be in Singapore were the days that I would be away because i’d be going back home to Phil. But I wasn’t very decided if I should let them use my room,so everyone would have a comfortable sleep on the bed and not on the couch. I asked God for clear signs and he didn’t give it to me immediately.

Few hours before my midnight flight, we had our Christmas dinner at work. There were some earphones to be raffled away. I knew that Yani badly wanted an earphone. Her’s was not working and she had been excited since she knew that Phonak would be giving us earphones for Christmas present. We all thought that each would get one, but unfortunately, they only gave us five. We’re eight in the team. Lucky enough for me, I got one earphones. Yani was not lucky as always. I wanted the earphones so I could give it to my sister but I felt somehow guilty because I knew she wanted it more than I wanted it. Thus, after thinking about it for few minutes, I decided to give it to her. She was so touched, she cried. I felt much better and happier giving it to her. I know I made someone happy this Christmas.

As we were all going back, we took the shuttle which dropped us directly to Novena Square. USUALLY, these shuttles just come and go just to take passenger. USUALLY it would only take them less than ten minutes to move back. So I rushingly alighted then I walked and bought the things that I needed to buy. After about more than 10mins I realized that the pouch where I keep my keys for the house was missing from my bag and the last time I saw it was in the shuttle. I searched my bag for a few more minutes and I felt so nervous because it would be much of a hassle if I really lost it and if i would not be able to find it. Despite the fact that I knew that the shuttle would not anymore be at the drop off point, I still tried going back there praying…….SURPRISINGLY, the shuttle was still there after about 15 minutes or more since we alighted. That was unsual!! I went in to the shuttle and asked the driver to wait for me because I just needed to look for something. Then as I move to my previous seat, a Chinese guy handed me my pouch while asking “are you looking for this?”. I sighed and uttered a huge thank you to him and the driver. Happily I went home. That was a huge good karma. I still managed to get my keys without much hassles!

While walking home, I was thinking and talking to myself, OMG. That was God’s sign for me to let them use my room. See, he used my keys to the house and room to let me see clearly that letting them borrow it was what He wanted me to do. Thus, I followed him.
I made two sets of people happy this Christmas. I’m happy too..=)

Am I following what God wants me to do? Trying to……

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