stages of grief…

i went through all the stages when i lost the one and only guy i loved so far…he didnt die but we broke up…..

1. Denial – My initial feeling was, we were just taking a break..letting each other rest for a while, and soon, we’ll get back together. I wished that he would regret that he made me cry many times and that he would realize that he should have treated me better….didnt happen.=(

2. Anger – I missed him when he’s not txting me. But when he does, i hated him so much..that i just didn’t wanna talk to him…

3. Bargaining – Since late last year Ive been going to church after work, almost everyday..bargaining with God. “If he still loves me, please make him come back to me, make him exert some effort, if he doesn’t, please let me know what to do next, if possible, please send another guy for me, hopefully, the right one…”

4. Depression – Since Feb this year, ive been feeling down. Think this has been the most extreme sadness I’ve ever had my whole life (so far). Lowest period ever. I cried myself to sleep, went to work with my eyes swollen and made people around me believe its over-sleeping that caused such swelling.I went back to him, but he refused to meet me up…and i became even more depressed.I still feel that I’m kind of lonely while writing this…but im somehow excited to reach the final stage…

5. Acceptance. soon, ill write about this…..SOON….i wish..

About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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