complaining me ive said in my earlier posts, Im recently becoming "pia, the complainer"..hehe its too noisy in the room today. There’s renovation going on just below our house. Its so irritating that I went to complain to the owner of our house, and asked her to tell the people downstairs to limit their noises. hehe

That was my initial reaction. Then gradually, as my anger and irritation subsided, i felt kinda guilty for being angry at them. Fact is, its their right to do it, and besides, its not yet night time. Despite my room is vibrating along with their drilling, the men working there were doing it coz its their job. Here i am overly complaining  coz i was resting and i couldnt hear the movie i was watching.

See how spoiled ive become!?!? I hate that about myself now. They were working, I was just watching…what the hell am i angry about….hay crazy me!!!

About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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