questioning myself?!?

Im not actually sure if I can consider myself a good or bad person. I easily get mad for things that seemed nothing to others. I feel that Im full of pride and selfishness that Ive forgotten about simplicity and humility already. Qualities I used to have.

I'd say no and disagree if i find things unfair to me. I'd show anger if im upset. I'd say no to a friend. I would make face and scold other people for being late. Stuff like these. I used to have patience for these things.

Im not really sure if I just matured, that now, I could express my mind and feelings without worrying how others might think about me or I already turned into a lady devil that injects lots of anger and hatred in her heart. =(

About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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