he was my dad’s batchmate…

rolando mendoza, the hostage taker who brought the whole world's attention back to the my humble country, Philippines.

He was an ex-police official dismissed last year for a case he denied to have committed. My dad described him as a very good man and one of the best police officials in the country. He was in service for so long as he proudly carried his clean and untarnished name, until the event last year, the event that caused him the loss of his long-loved job. he was accused, and dismissed. He's supposed to be retiring next year.

****as per my dad's words: para cya isang maputing maputing bond paper, na nadungisan lng ng isang tuldok…ung tuldok lang ang nakita ng mga tao kaya cya na-dismiss.

I may not know him personally, but the way my dad described him made me think, maybe he did it coz he "badly" needed to be heard. to let everyone know that he was really innocent of the initial charges…….sa pinas kc, accused palang, para ng convicted! =( nakakalungkot!


about the Philippine police force, im sure they did their best and what they thought was right at that moment. though it looked like joke and bloopers for most watchers, these critics didnt have any idea how it was like to be in police position in dangerous times like that….


to the victims, i feel sorry that they all have to experience this in such a beautiful and warm country….=(


I just feel bad about the entire thing. I feel sorry for everyone….

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