his bracelet

Unfortunately, at the church a while ago, I broke the magnetic bracelet he gave me. I felt so bad that I decided not to go grocery anymore and just go home straight from the church.

I had a premonition its going to happen. I dunno but I just kept on fixing its screws all through out the mass proper and I made sure its securely fastened before we started singing the recessional hymn.

As I was about to pray, as I always do after the mass. I felt it dropped off my wrist. I looked for every part of the broken bracelet and luckily found all except that I couldnt do much about it and couldnt even fix it back because the part broken was its lock. It split into two parts, thus, Ive to replace it or else it cant anymore be used.

I feel bad coz Its his gift to me and I find that I always spoil his gifts….unintentionally=(

was that a sign? hayzzz…..

About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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