living in this house…

is a bit scary…according to irene, police men were knocking 3am in the morning to ask about the loanshark. According to her, she's suspecting one of our housemates to be doing something illegal as well , but she doesnt have proof yet. Im not sure how i should be feeling about this, but honestly, im kinda scared…this is the price i get for testing my independence, moving away from people i already trust. Now, i dunno who to trust, should i trust the owner of the house, the one who doesnt want to declare im renting the room?my housemate who seems to be nice but cost our owner trouble by making someone live here and owe money from the loanshark? I dunno..I want peace of mind…god, i dunno what to do…..


been shouted at 2x by patients today..haiz…how can some people be so rude? Im doing my work and doing the best i could to help all of them, but this is what im getting…haiz..


Jay-r and i havent been talking….we broke up few days ago…sad but this is what we actually need…break for a still not over about a lot of things, (I, L, he stood me up many times, he didnt tell me everything..etc) he's such a pain in my head….and heart…=(

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Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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