should i be at peace in this place?

I shifted here ,at Jalan Rajah, just last October, hoping that i would finally find the peace i was longing to have.When I searched for a place to rent, I asked agents to help me out, I specifically told them i want master’s bedroom with attached toilet near my workplace. i dont want owner with me, i want a place where i can cook. Those were my major requirements in finding a place.

yeah, i got a master room wit toilet attached, i can cook and its near work but with owner which the agent and owner failed to let me know until after I signed the contract and given my deposit and agent’s fee to them. So meaning to say, I couldnt do anything anymore. I told myself never mind, it should be fine to live with the owner, anyway she has her own room..thats what i initially thought, until the day I visited few days before I shifted, I found out that She’s actually sleeping in the living room. All the other 2 rooms were rented as well.

She’s actually nice and friendly but I find her mysterious. She told me about some stuff and story  about loanshark and the previous tenant….which  creeped me out immediately. Then she told me we’re friends when people ask..there’s really something mysterious about her i cant explain. When I ask her about her job, she would just smile and wont tell me about it. My housemate recently told me about the cigarrette story which i didnt get to fully understand coz she’s struglling to find the correct words to explain what really happened. All I know is that it didnt turn good that the owner had to pay 60k for it?! Which made me even scared coz, huge money/fine means huge offense?! My housemate told me that nothing happened yet on their 1 year ++ stay here, so no need to be scared.

How can I not be scared after hearing all these?Im certainly not at peace now. I dunno but im scared…If only i dont have contract and deposit to waste…i will move out immediately…haiz…

Maybe Ill finish my contract,get my deposit and get out of this place asap… scared…


Right now, Im really hoping someone is here with me coz im really scared…..=(

About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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