Last week, JR was here, thus, we were busy and I wasnt able to blog. I had so much fun with him.We watched Orphan and Hangover. It was nice to have someone here wth me. I know I have someone to back me up all the time, i have someone who can finish up the food I cooked…someone who can wash the plates after we eat, someone who just loves me for me..Haiz, I wish he's here….I miss him…


Anyway, I had one patient complain again. The dad was complaining coz I charged him. This patient actually have the tendency not to come on appointment dates. They will come other days, walk-in but will default on REAL appointment days. Everytime they come wrongly, I would explain to them the plan next appointment, Very simple plans, that i think they ddnt find simple, unaided test, hearing aid adjustment and aided test…and of course, all these should be charged.

I was surprised when the dad angrily approached me about the charges. He said "I dont grow money tree, and if it will be like this all the time, I wont come back here anymore" then walked off.. As if..and I learned from my collegue that the mum came again the next day, while I wasnt around to say that the dad wasnt able to sleep the whole night coz of angst and anger..I couldnt believe he has displaced his anger on me, I was doing my job, delivering services, explaining and charging.Im not very sure what happened but Im pretty sure he has some other issues and he's just a big garbage track…displacer….

Anyway, despite the way he treated me, i  tried to help them out. I dont want him to know though.I emailed MSW to inquire if they can re-apply for financial support and be re-assessed. MSW said yes. I know I can help them, if only the dad asked me properly. I still helped but it was a struggle and it was harder for me. Thought 2x if i wantd to help or not. just because of the way he spoke to me.

 I did it coz im afraid of Karma…and i find his daughter cute and has huge potential…thats all….hay sometimes I dont understand other people….haiz 


some people just love to complain, some not appreciative, some dont acknowledge, some stealer of ideas, some harsh….so hard to understand other people…..

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Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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