asperger girl…

there's this one patient of mine whom Ive fitted hearing aids when she was still a baby. Now, she's turning 3 years old. She has asperger, a form of autism. I initially, considered her one of my most difficult patient. She would just keep on crying and struggling everytime we're trying behavioral test. Another thing is, both parents are successful and smart, thus,its quite frustrating for them to see their little one like that.

She came to the clinic a while ago, after 6mos of not seeing her. I decided to stop any audiological testing for her first and wait for her to mature a bit. Asked them to focus on other problems first. Attend Occupational therapy, music therapy (since she sings alot) etc, then we'll try hearing assessment again in the future.

Surprisingly, a while ago, she was a completely changed girl. She has matured and it was very easy and fun to do her hearing assessment. The dad just told me, "she's been here since 2 years ago…you've seen her grow up.." I was touched. Yeah Ive seen her grow up, she can talk spontaneously (but cant converse yet, she'll just talk to herself) and her speech is so clear. It was rewarding to see that she's better.Feels good to know that some parents do remember all the sacrifices we've been through just to do assessments..hehe la lang….sarap lang sa pakiradam.

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