yay!!!fri tom…

weekend again…time flies so fast. Last weekend I was in Manila..had so much fun back there…Was able to spend time with Jay r and my family. It was a great experience…;) ok pala na separate un visit sa family ko at kay jay-r , at least, equal un time ko with them, at i dont have to feel guilty tuwing iwan ko cla mama….4days kay BB lang sa Mactan, 4 days kay mama, papa at sis lang….  I wish I've more resources to go back every weekend…coz It feels so refreshing and energizing to go back home…kaya lang each time, It feels so short..laging bitin…kc GOING HOME TO BE WITH MY LOVED ONES IS ALWAYS LIKE A SWEET DREAM…short pero grabeng saya….;)


kanina, I fitted Naida hearing aids sa isang pinoy baby…ang cute nya sobra..Both parents are so easy to counsel, they're just so happy the baby's alive…so all the other conditions, i.e. hearing impairment has been easy for them to accept..ok lang di perfect basta alive…GOOD ATTITUDE! IBA TALAGA ANG PINOY!  Basta, Ill do my best as an audiologist to help this baby…pinoy to, dapat makasalita cya…Just like how I feel to all babies I handled…I dont only do my best as an audiologist, I also try to be a good tita to them….i always pray for their success and progress…happy ako makita na nagsasalita na patients ko…  yun ang reward sa field ng audiology…..  

anyway, friday na tom…weekend ulet…rest time!!yahoooo!!!!!

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Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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