email from a friend…

my elementary classmate mailed me through friendster…sabi nya:


long time no see, still remember me?

me? ok naman ako with my life (career at lovelife). hehehe… kung naaalala ko lang talaga yun elementary days natin natutuwa ako kasi di ba crush kita dati tapos sobrang sobra sungit mo sa kin. pero maganda pa din ah (naka-moved na ko ala na po malisya) ano na balita sayo?



 hahah….just made me smile to remember this…how a young boy liked a young girl..and how a young girl hides and blushes shyly everytime he would take a glance at her…for i think 2-3 years ata…haha

  i remember,  i had this seatmate,  guy din and i always use him to hide myself from the stares of this classmate of mine (the one who sent the mail)….tago lang ako sa likod nya lagi…and he willingly did this favor for me….tinatago naman nya ko…hahah shy type din un guy na to…..guy version ko…i guess…fair din, lapad noo (sori) …but unlike me, he's good in math….haha

 so funny to remember elem days….life's so simple those times…ive always been loved by everyone…teachers, classmates…i had high grades, was good with extra curricular activities, always invited to sing in all occasions…


i miss this kind of life…simple yet so perfect….

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Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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