bangkok trip….

Oct 26-28,2007. I flew to Bangkok to attend the workshop entitled  “Med-el Cochlear Implant and Rehabilitation Workshop”. yeah. It was informative….but….. It was like a half-day workshop stretched to one day coz everything has to be translated to thai language, word for word. It was slightly dragging but overall,it was still ok.

I flew there Fri afternoon,so, was in bangkok night of 26th.participants stayed in S15  hotel, at Sukhumvit road. The hotel was small but very cozy,   We had a good dinner at Nefertiti restaurant.

then went to Suan Lum night bazaar and shopped for souvenirs.

Next day was the workshop day. It ended at around 330pm.

After the workshop, we (noemi, from NUH and i), transferred to the hotel i booked (with help of ate joy) online, ASIA hotel. the hotel really looked better in reality, than those pics posted in the in…….

That night, went around the area, and had a very soothing 1hr thai massage for  200baht. Quite cheap. 

So , thats how i ended my 2nd nights in bangkok. On the 28th, went to Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha…alone….huhuhu….Noemi, my roomate, wanted to go shopping instead of sightseeing.

So pathetic..I was alone in a very beautiful place. I hd to ask other tourists to help me take pictures.HAY!!!! shempre ako, dapat may pictures….kahit kakahiya mag ask….ganda kc talaga ng place!!!!!  

I wasnt able to see more of Bangkok anymore coz of lack of time. Ive to go back to the hotel to check out at 12noon. After check out, I did my last-minute shopping. 2pm, noemi and I rushed to the Airport. bye bye Bangkok na! hay! UN na!  I’ll just visit Bangkok again..should be at least a week-long..with someone na..asssooosss…

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