Surprise over…..

As planned, went back home last weekend. YAY! thanks to my sis and her bf for helping me actualize my plan. hahah

 i planned to tell my dad about it but good thing I ddnt coz… he dsnt really delete msgs in his mom does it for him…hahaha buti na lang naalala ko…..  

Everything went well.. we had a blast. my mom was very happy. coz prior to that, i made her feel that i wsnt very interested with her birthday, that id nothing for her. thats why when she saw me outside the house (nag tau po kame nila sis), she was very very very surprised.

SAYA! sobra….of course, aside from being with my family, i had the chance to enjoy my favorite food…..those food that i reaaaaalllly miss eating..chicharon bulaklak, dunkin donuts, jolibee meals,quickly,lechon porky, luto ni mama…  SARAP!!!!!LAMI!!!

16th i had to go back to singapore. Unfortunately, my 820pm cebu pacific flight was delayed for 3 hours. I was at the airport at a round 630pm (btw, my flight going to the phil was also delayed..for 1 hr..) So no choice, but to wait. Went out for a while, spent more time with my family,and had a wonderful chicken joy meal. So, around 930pm, i went in.. sayang coz cebu pacific provided free chicken joy meal also….for everyone  (for making us wait…hmph)….hahaha  i ddnt anymore take my share..busog na e…

So, that would be all for my Oct Phil visit.=)SAYA! AS always!=)

About Miss_Pia

Neurotic Health-care Professional who enjoys sleeping, running, reading, introspecting, pole art and exploring new things and sometimes, places!
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