Rainy Days at Wilsons Promontory and our scenic route home

21-23 Mar 2021

We were supposed to go to Wilsons Prom last weekend when it was all sunny, but our plans changed. Instead, we drove this weekend. Initially, we were supposed to walk a few trails within the promontory but the weather prevented us from doing so, unfortunately. On the first day, the wind was strong and there were occasional drizzles. The second day was worse. It just rained the whole day. So instead of going for walks, we just drove to the nearby lookouts where we just had to walk a little. It was still nice despite the wind was intimidating. Hopefully, next time, we could visit on a sunny day. Wilsons Promontory remains my favourite destination near Melbourne.

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My 10-Days Juice Fast Experience

19-28 Feb 2021

This year, I promised T I would juice fast with him more regularly. I initially suggested 3 days every month.  Since we were not able to start it in January due to our busy work commitments, we just decided to do it quarterly for 10days each go. The longest I did it was 7-days, and that was already tough for me. Now, 10days would be a challenge. I convinced myself that “It’s just like running long distance, you would feel better after it”…..only it would last 10days.

On day 1, I already lost 2kg, and that kept me motivated. From 56.2kg on day 1 to 51.2kg on day 10. I didn’t stop my workouts, working, and I tried to perform as per normal. As expected, I felt weaker than usual, slower in running and less flexible when doing yoga. On the first few days, my cravings were so bad, but as the days go by, it became lesser. There was also a side effect that I didn’t have before. I wasn’t sleeping well. I kept on waking up in the middle of the night, and I had a hard time sleeping back. That possibly contributed to my extended feeling of weakness.

Many years ago, I had a tooth extraction which wasn’t done properly, and it caused numbness and inability to taste on half of my tongue. Weirdly, I thought I was feeling something there during the last few days of juice fasting. I was curious on what a longer fasting would do to it, but I was also too hungry to extend my juice fast. Haha I could still feel a little bit on that side now, 2 days post fasting…but I can’t really say for sure.

Certainly, I will do it again. I want to support T, especially because I could feel and see that his spasms were less during, and after a juice fast. I am starting to believe the effectiveness of it. I also kind of happy losing a little bit of weight, and having my long-lost abdominal muscle expose itself for a bit. Haha

Anyway, we used our new juicer Kuvings EVO820. It made my life a lot easier because unlike with our old juicer, now, I didn’t need to slice most of the fruits. It’s juice yield is also much better. I just love it.

Why do we juice fast?

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Overnight at Phillip Island, Victoria Australia

3-4 February 2021

We decided to enjoy more of summer before it ends. We didn’t really do much as this getaway was supposed to be for relaxation purposes mostly. We just watched the sunset on our first day and just stayed at Smith’s Beach under the shade of our brand-new tent for the rest of the second day. Still fun. =)

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A day at Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia

9 Jan 2021

I think we had the feeling that our vacation days were not enough therefore, we decided to take another day off. I have already been to Phillip Island many years ago, just to witness the Penguin Parade one winter. T hadn’t been so, we decided just to have look for a day. It was a little over one hour away from our suburb, so it wasn’t too tiring for him to drive.

I couldn’t even remember the exact year when I went there, or I was with, but I do remember the seats, the weather, the penguins, and the feeling. Going there during summer was a completely different experience. I didn’t even know there were so many sides and each side has a different character. Some sides were swimmable, some just for us to view, some were secluded, some were crowded, some areas you could surf. There were different forms of water conditions for everyone’s varying water activity needs.  We were just there to view and watch, yet those were good enough for us to  enjoy especially ,because yesterday’s weather was rather perfect as well.

We decided we would go back and spend more time, swim and most probably stay there over night. I could just imagine watching the sunset from there. =)

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Holiday Road Trip

(Dec 27 2020 – Jan 3 2021)

Melbourne-Adelaide-Mildura-Melbourne and those towns in between

Adelaide (Dec 27-Jan 1)

We were initially planning for a road trip to Sydney but of course, our dear friend COVID-19 got in the way again. We had to change our plans and visit South Australia instead. I’ve never been to Adelaide and T didn’t mind going back. I also, didn’t want to take airplanes yet as I feel that its still not very safe considering the number of cases rising again.

Anyway, T drove the whole time as I couldn’t. Our drive to Adelaide wasn’t very eventful and T would usually say, the whole drive there was boring. To me, there is excitement everywhere, especially if they’re new to me. I thought the painted silos and the old buildings along the way were interesting.

We arrived a little bit late so, we just went out for tea and headed to our accommodation. Our first full day was spent climbing Mt. Lofty. This activity definitely put a huge smile on my face but sadness on T’s face. Though we drove up to the summit, I decided to descend to see the waterfalls and climb back up again. T almost reached the bottom with me, but he decided to stop and wait for me to ascend again and we walked together up to the summit again.We then, went to the Glenelg, beach side of Adelaide and relaxed there. We just had coffee and cake, drove a bit more, had tea at the happening Hindley Street.

 The next day, as T’s body was aching, we just drove around admiring Adelaide’s churches, as it is tagged as the “City of Churches”. St. Peter’s Cathedral is such a beautiful work of art as well as the St. Francis Xavier Cathedral. We went in, prayed a while and experience the moment as I haven’t been inside a church in a while now. We also visited the Central Market and had brunch there. We also squeezed some time to watch T’s crush, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman 84 (Script is a thumbs down).

The next day, we travelled by the beach and had a short swim in Noarlunga Beach. It was beautiful. It looked warm, but nah, it was still cold for me. We then had tea at Big Shed and I finally found a beer that I liked and could drink. We then rushed back up again to Mt. Lofty for sunset. We successfully managed to view it.

Our last day, New Year’s Eve, we went for massage, finally managed to attend a mass at St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral. We had dinner at Rundley Street, another happening street, and stayed there til the countdown. We drove around watching drunk children enjoying their New Year’s eve celebrations and went back home.

Overall, I really felt that Adelaide is a city of beautiful buildings and architecture. I certainly enjoyed photographing them. I like the atmosphere of the city as it was just very chill and relaxed. Its beaches were also enjoyable. I loved it.

Mildura (Jan 1-3)

T kept on saying there’s not much to see in Mildura. But nah, they’ve got the serene Murray River there. We drove around it on our first night and had tea at the city centre. The next day, there was a thunderstorm. We just drove to Red Cliff and had a look at their red cliffs and Big Lizzie, the historical tractor. We also managed to have brunch under a tree along the Murray River. I had been asking T to do that with me, and finally, we were able to do it in Mildura. We spent a good 2hours relaxing there. We then headed to Ranfurly Lake because a little search placed its name as one of the best locations to watch sunset. We then, had tea and that’s about it.

The next day, we drove back home. We Googled about the Pink Lake along the way and we couldn’t find much information about it. We asked the locals and they were as clueless as we were. T wasn’t keen to go anymore, but I was still very optimistic that the experience would be great. After a few minutes of begging, I managed to convince him. Yipee! It was the first time for me to see a Pink Lake.

We also drove past Bendigo. I have heard about the city but never really had any impression about it. I got a shock to see how beautiful the city was. We walked around and had tea there. Next time, we would see and explore more of it.

The sun was setting as we drove home and that show became the finale of our short holiday. Back to work next week.

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Annual Year-End Entry

We didn’t have much travels in 2020 because of our dear COVID-19. The only travels we had were our trip to the Philippines and a brief one in Singapore. After February, the only travels we had were work-related, to make and deliver our goods. I haven’t seen my family in almost one year, the longest I haven’t seen them. =(

This pandemic put a halt in a lot of aspects. For me, I’ve always believed that face-to-face mode of education is the best mode, but  this pandemic forced us to use online learning. It was a little bit strenuous for my eyes, but yeah, I was able to graduate and obtain another degree this year.

I may have not travelled but this university experience, helped me meet people from different races and cultures, and those interactions would have been even better and meaningful if classes were face-to-face, but then, of course, nobody had a choice. The highlight of my year was me, finishing the course and that’s about it.

Hopefully, next year would be a better year for all of us. Happy New Year, friends!

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Five-day Juice Fast 2020

And yes, we managed to do it again.  We started at the same day as last year. My goal is just to keep my promise to Tim, that we will do it once a year and to somehow lose a bit of weight. We only used green and red apples, carrots, beetroot, lemons, a little bit of strawberries this year. Well, it was tough (for me) because I had to do the juicing most of the time as well as because I am always hungry.

On my second day, that bitter taste in my mouth was back and I felt weak. It improved a little bit on day 3. I indeed lost about 2kg on day 5. There was also a little bit of effect on my leg rash which was unexpected. Could be placebo? I am not sure, but it looked better on Day 5.

Anyway, I promised Tim that next year, we would do a monthly 2-3days juice fast and we would ensure that we will include Kichidi on our diets at least once a week.

I learned about the Kichidi when I took my 200-hour Yoga Instructor Course back in Singapore. We would eat this after our Kriyas or cleansing as it is basic and very gentle to our tummies plus there are other benefits too.

Ingredients are:

Rice- Carbohydrates

Mung Dhal – Protein

Salt – flavour and electrolytes

Turmeric – Antibacterial, antiseptic and good for immune system

Ghee – Nourishes the intestines

Cumin Seeds-Good for digestion

Water– Hydration

Just boil them together.

This is a very simple meal to prepare and could be very nutritious too even when we are not doing Kriya.

Just a reminder though: I am not a nutritionist or a health guru. So, ensure to check with your doctors before doing alterations in your current diet.

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Last semester is over and life isn’t

I can’t believe it has been 1.5 years since I moved to Australia. It was a bold move considering I was living a comfortable life in Singapore. I quit being an allied health professional to study business. Now the course is over. I still am unsure on what to do with my life. Maybe I am thinking and analyzing too much? Maybe I am rushing the process? Maybe I should start trusting it. Maybe…..

For now, I am going to re-start by waking up early and sleeping earlier than before too. Waking up with small pieces of purpose in my head therefore, I’ve got something to look forward to completing every day. Like this entry…. Anyone on the same boat or had been on the same boat? Share or advice please. =)

Cape Nelson Lighthouse, 2 Nov 2020
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Miss Plus Australia

Please visit www.missplus.com.au for your clothing needs. 🙂 Miss Plus can ship anywhere, not just in Australia. Thank you in advance!




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Covid-19 : Fun?Frustration?Fear?

This virus originated from China late last year. It spread all over the world and now, everyone’s scared and worried about health, both our own and our loved ones. Lockdown, social distancing, frequent hand hygiene were the usual national responses from different countries. With all these limitations, we all cannot go anywhere, we cannot do much, how do we cope?

Luckily, we have digital media nowadays.  It is easy to find something to do. We have Netflix, Facebook, Tiktok, which is slowly getting more popular over this Covid-19 period. On Facebook, I could observe people dancing, acting and singing with the help of this app. I also noticed people becoming more domesticated as everyone seems to be cooking and baking then posting which I kind of liked the idea as I am seeing plenty of inspiration for meals to cook after browsing on Facebook. I am also seeing so many photos of empty grocery shelves, some were making jokes about posting their own house plan stating that they’re making an itinerary to tour their own houses. Some are posting about front liners and thanking them which, to be honest, they truly deserve every single gratitude they are getting.

It is not only fear that’s arising. Hatred became very apparent as well. Hate about China, hate about other races, hate about each country’s political solutions and actions, hate about people who are hoarding. It seems that, aside from crowded hospitals and deaths, hatred became an indirect by-product of the virus itself.

It’s sad that people are becoming more discriminating racially than ever. We are all fighting the same enemy. We should fight this invisible enemy together by staying apart. Without mutual respect and understanding, it makes things harder. Distance between people is enough to say and make people feel that we actually care. Hate makes it harder for us to embrace each other again after this virus is over.

You are lucky if you have your family with you and that you know you can help prevent them from getting sick. Some do not have their families with them. They just have to pray and hope that their elderly parents won’t catch it. We are stressed and frustrated with what is happening, but we all are suffering and struggling because of this. Let’s help each other get through this more smoothly. It’ll be easier that way.

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