12 Day Juice Fast

May 2023

We are intending to juice fast again four times this year. We’ve already done a 7-day one in February. I decided not to write about it because, despite not being easy, it felt like, it’s just one of those ordinary things we do…not too long and not short either. 

Anyway, this May, we decided to do, by far, my longest juice fast. Twelve days wasn’t a joke. I consider juice fasting as one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life; to say that I’ve hiked and ran in tears so many times before. Similar to hiking or running, juice fasting is not just physical. It entails one’s mind. I took comfort in the phrase “This is temporary” while doing it. I kept on vocalizing this phrase, and it made me feel better. My cravings surprisingly attenuated every single time I’ve said it. 

Well, the obvious effect was weight loss for me, and fewer spasms for T. I’ve monitored our sugar levels too. According to Diabetes Australia,

For a person without diabetes, throughout the day blood glucose levels (BGLs) will generally range between 4.0 – 7.8 millimoles of glucose per litre of blood (mmols/L) regardless of how they eat or exercise, or what stress they’re under.”

I tested our BGL, fasting, and one and a half hours after our first juice. All levels were within the said range. I was a bit worried that it may be affecting our levels, just like what people were saying when they hear that we are juice fasting. This time around, I did not have any headaches or other uncomfortable symptoms, which was good.

Anyway, we would have another two to accomplish. Yes, every single time, it felt like an accomplishment to me. We would also want to do a 3-day water fast within the year to reset our systems. 

We certainly are enjoying our Kuvings EVO 820. The ease of using it made juicing certainly effortless for me. It’s so much better than our previous juicer. 

Kuvings Australia

So if you’re intending to buy anything from Kuvings, you can use our referral code TIMPIA or use this coupon for a 5% discount, and we get to be rewarded a bit as well. Or use our link.




Diabetes Australia, 2023, Blood Glucose Level Range <https://www.diabetesaustralia.com.au/managing-diabetes/blood-glucose-range/&gt;

Kuvings Australia

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Musing while travelling to Townsville

Apr 2023

I am left with nothing to do on a 3-hour flight to Townsville. T is seated far away from me. My mind is blank or should I say, I do not have internet or books or magazines to read. So here I am, typing my heart out. Sitting by myself, watching people walk past my seat. Wondering what’s on their heads because what’s in mine isn’t very enjoyable. I am trying to read theirs because maybe, just maybe, their thoughts make more sense. 

My mind is never quiet. It always has questions. It always asks questions like….’Why do we always pretend like we will live forever?’ My present is actually very good. I wish I could stay in this disposition forever. But the reality is, I cannot. My brain cells will perish, my loved ones will pass on, the pictures in my phone will eventually be deleted, be it by me or by circumstances, I will die. I will be gone, and in the process, people I cherish the most will slowly wither too. I might die alone. All things are bound to change, and its not for the better.

Persistent pessimism is pressuring me. I cannot rest because I have to make the most out of my days. In my head, I have to do things while I still can. Use my legs while I can still run. Spoil and hug the people around me while they are still around. Never rest because eventually, I will rest in peace forever….Eventually, my existence will not even matter. 

I am teary while writing this. How else can I make the most out of my life? How else can I make my loved ones never doubt my love and devotion for them? Should I still strive to achieve? What for? 

I can imagine myself having dementia. It breaks my heart to hear people say ‘they feel like they are just existing’. I may be anti-social most days, but I feel like I wouldn’t want just to exist. I want my existence to be meaningful. How can I do that? 

I can’t even think of an answer to the question ‘how can I have a more meaningful existence?’. The only possible answer that feels most natural is just to love. Love like it will be my last day or their last day on earth. Love what is in front of you. Love what you can do, and not what you have. I want to be remembered as someone who never hesitated, never held back in love. 

Eventually, my neurons will be gone…but hopefully, my ability to love will not. Our life is mundane most days…but, we can make it surreal with love. Maybe. 🙂 

Anyone else think this way?

Anyway, this trip is to visit our loved ones, and that’s what we did. We also had an unexpected visitor while we were there. Unfortunately, he or she isn’t welcome…..

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Laiya, Batangas Philippines

Mar 2023

It’s been three years since I flew internationally. I will not deny it. I missed it so badly. We did travel around Australia, but nothing beats the feeling of being in an airport, seating there, waiting for your flight, then flying itself. The combination of exhaustion and excitement of how different the environment would be when you arrive at your destination, and oh, the airplane food. I enjoy the anticipation, and even if most don’t like airplane food, I must admit, I love it!

Anyway, our destination this time around was my home, the Philippines. This was just another trip to see my family. I haven’t seen them in 3 years. Also, T had to see new places in the PH for him to get to know more about my birth country. Therefore, we decided to go on a little beach getaway a few hours away from my hometown.

Laiya, Batangas is approximately five hours away from Manila. The roads heading there had improved drastically since the last time I visited. The part of Laiya where we went to featured light-colored sand, and not all parts of Batangas shares this characteristic. Some areas have dark-colored sand, some more pebbly than others. My family and I love this area of Laiya so much, not only because of its sand, but also because the area was well-maintained, and we also felt safe. We had been there, for maybe, 3x for myself and 5x for my parents.

Anyway, ten days back home was not enough. Wish we could stay longer…..

Here’s a short clip of the experience.

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Part 19: Cairns , QLD


We were about to drive back to Melbourne, but decided otherwise when T’s friend from Melbourne told him about how bad the weather was, and that a lot of people were getting sick because of the weather. I guess we both got easily convinced because we both were not ready to go home yet. So, we quickly researched where could we possibly fly to, where it’s warm and cheap… Cairns! The flight was ok, but most accommodations were expensive until found this backpacker hostel called Mad Monkey.

So, Cairns, since we weren’t able to hire a car (all fully booked), our movements as tourists were quite limited. We generally were only able to go to where our legs could take us. Bus rides were ok, but sometimes, we had to wait long for them, so, we rarely used them. Uber wasn’t cheap either. We were able to explore the Esplanade, Botanical Garden, Earl Hill Conservation Park etc. I managed to go to Palm Cove and walked the Red/Yellow Arrow Lookouts too.  There were more popular places to visit like the Great Barrier Reef, their world heritage rainforests, and waterfalls, but visiting these would require more money and of course, transportation (a car which we didn’t have). Though we couldn’t go/do the “must-visits”, I still enjoyed myself.

Why? Because I managed to get back to working out consistently. I ran along the Esplanade many times, I even joined the organized Cairns’ Parkrun (but I didn’t know the route and missed a loop😂), and we went to the gym a lot too. I will never forget Cairns’ council’s fitness initiatives. There were plenty of free fitness activities such as Zumba, Aqua Zumba, meditation, bouldering lessons etc. I attended some of them. Also, by the Esplanade, there were three different tracks, one for walking, one for running, and one for cycling…good job council 🙂 !

Cairns CBD was also different from places we visited earlier because this city was surprisingly so alive from morning until late at night. It’s adorably diverse in terms of culture. There was a night market (like Bugis in Singapore). There were Thai massage parlors and Asian restaurants on every corner. Though prices were slightly more expensive than in other places, I was still amazed by the abundance of options. I also felt safe because the police visibility was good; maybe because there were a number of drunk and slightly rowdy people around. The CBD felt like a huge, enjoyable, vibrant, easy-to-navigate, and laid-back themed park.

Where did we stay?

Mad Monkey Beer Garden: I haven’t stayed in a backpacker hostel in a while now. I used to when I was younger, and of course,  years ago, I used to feel like I belong. Haha This time around, it still felt like I belong, except that it felt like I was a teacher or a coach or a guardian…staying there surely made me feel older (opposite of staying in caravan parks). We had our own double bedroom, shared bathroom, kitchen, and everything else. With the price we paid, what we got from it exceeded our expectations, as they also provide free breakfast (hot pancakes!!!) every morning, plus cheap pizzas and beers at the connected businesses -a beer garden/pizza shop-. And oh, 2hr gym use was also free. So, this is a hostel we could stay in again. Though it was a bit noisy at night, and some staff was unfriendly, we still liked it. It was generally ok…basic, but more than essential.


Cairns was our last holiday stop. After it, we flew back to Newcastle, took the bus to Nelson Bay, then drove back to Melbourne via Gouldburn – Jugiong – Gundagai – Euroa. As in everything in life, this possibly-once-in-a-life-time adventure had to come to an end. The last few overnighters were bittersweet. It’s good to be away, but it’s also good to be home. It hurts that this adventure had to end……

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Part 18: Nelson Bay, NSW


As we’ve seen a couple of coastal towns now, I was starting to feel tired of looking at the water I couldn’t swim in (too cold). Then, we drove to Nelson Bay and my views changed. It did not disappoint. We have a friend who talked the place up so much, it didn’t sound real but after a few days of exploring, we realized he wasn’t exaggerating, “Nelson Bay is more beautiful” than most places we’ve visited.

Nelson Bay offered uncrowded and unlimited beaches and bay views. It genuinely felt unlimited as in every turn, we would discover something new; a new pocket of beach; other bodies of water, both rough and calm; a quiet marina on one side, high-end commercial beachfront on the other side. There were so many options.

Tomaree Head

There were unlimited options for water viewing or activities but most of them shared the same crystal-clear water attribute. We just needed to walk to see the abundance of sea creatures. We didn’t even need to snorkel.

In Numbacca Heads and Ballina, we weren’t expecting to see dolphins close to the shore but we did with luck. In Nelson Bay, we saw a lot of them almost every time we were in Fingal Bay or Little Beach.

It’s also a perfect place for whale-watching. We saw so many from some lookouts like Birubi or Boat Harbour Lookout. We went for the paid whale-watching tour with the hopes of seeing the migrating whales closer, but I was a little underwhelmed with that because it was different from what I expected. Anyway, if you intend to whale watch, migration happens May-Oct annually, and don’t forget to get yourself binoculars.

My favourite parts of Nelson Bay were both Gan Gan Lookout and Tomaree Head Summit. Gan Gan Lookout offered a perfect view of the sunset and its surrounding islands and bodies of water (so many). Tomaree summit offered the perfect view of the two opposing atmospheres of Nelson Bay. (1) calm bay + dolphins (2) rough ocean + whales; and the town. Both sides have their own charming charisma. Their tourism booklet described the view on top Tomaree Head Summit as unparalleled. We described it as one of the best views we’ve seen throughout this trip. The view, as a reward, was unexpectedly grand for the small effort we exerted to climb it.

Sunset at Gan Gan Lookout

You can drive up to Gan Gan Lookout, while Tomaree Head Summit is 161m above Port Stephen entrance. It was a steep but easy, and approx 2.2km return walk.

So far, I have to admit, I loved Nelson Bay. If you are around the area, pay this town a visit. To live there? I would love to, but property prices are exorbitant…massages too 🤣 and I didn’t manage to find roads/tracks I could safely run continuously on. Still, I think, Nelson Bay was indeed a paradise!

Where did we stay?

Ingenia Middle Rock: Quiet caravan park when we were there. Friendly Staff. They’ve got a winter special so we got paid less. They have got a swimming pool and basic amenities. My favourite part of the park was that they are close to the beach and their fast internet connection.

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Part 17: Forster, NSW(5nights)


Still travelling along the coast, we visited a town called Forster (apparently pronounced as Foster 🤣). It’s adjacent to another town called Tuncurry and both towns are connected by a decent-looking bridge.

Like most coastal towns, Forster has a lot of walking tracks, amazing lookouts, and beaches + ocean baths. We walked the Booti Hill-Lakeside Walking Track loop and the Cape Hawke Lookout. I also walked part of the Bicentennial Walk. We drove to a few lookouts, and we both had our favourite, Whoota Whoota Lookout. The lookout was quite far from the centre (it’s within a National Park), but it was a worthwhile visit as the view from up there was just breathtaking.  Of course, I also had a favourite sunset view. I loved the view at Lakeside Sunset Picnic Area. We watched the sun setting by the lake a couple of times.

So, what’s unique about Forster?  I guess, our campsite (and the other campsites along the same road) was quite unique. It was my first time sleeping and staying in a site situated between a lake and the ocean. The road was too narrow, I could hear both the ocean and lake while we were in the caravan.

Where did we stay?

Camp Elim: It was my first time sleeping and staying in a site situated between a lake and the ocean (will post a photo). The road was too narrow, I could hear both the ocean and lake while we were in the caravan. The site was spacious. Free internet, not fast but ok. The site was affordable as compared to other sites in Forster. It was 15min drive from the centre, but who cares if you have the best sunset view and the uncrowded beaches near the area. Don’t be intimidated by the religious implications of the site, the staff there are friendly and won’t force you into doing anything. I also enjoyed Elim’s basketball court.

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Part 16: Numbacca Heads, NSW

(3 Days)

Thanks, uncle B recommending this place to us. This coastal and very hilly town was relaxing, and obviously suitable for people who just want to unwind. Nambucca Heads offers uncrowded beaches, scenic lookouts and views, water activities both on the river and ocean, and shady walking trails. Though we didn’t have enough time to explore any trails, we repeatedly enjoyed the lookouts and the V Wall.

The approximately 600m break wall at the entrance of the Nambucca River was painted by visitors and locals alike. The impressive artworks, painted/written holiday memories and inspirational messages made walking there a unique experience. Unique because it was supposed to be fun, right?  But reading some of the things written about death (plenty of them) and heartbreaks made me feel a bit melancholic.

Anyway, we walked along and around the V Wall a few times during this trip. Walking there was still generally enjoyable especially while having our take-away coffee, and when the dolphins decided to show up… just refrain from reading stuff along the way 😁

Where did we stay?

Tasman Holiday Park: Very friendly reception, Sue. Affordable than most around the area. It’s very close to the beach. Internet connection was free and fast too. The kitchen was small and amenities basic. Space was good enough for our vehicle size.

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Part 15: Ballina, NSW


We were on our way home! As we were slowly heading south, the weather was less ideal. It was colder and wetter. The views along the way still kept us burning with excitement though. 😍

We passed through Tweeds Heads on our way to our next destination, Ballina. Tweed Heads is the NSW’s northernmost coastal town. It’s next to the Queensland Border town, Coolangatta. It seemed to be a busy and vibrant town, with a number of coastal viewings, surfing spots and parks. We didn’t really stop for long, so, I couldn’t really say if I’d like to live there….but obviously, this town stood out. 🤣

Ballina’s is located just a few hours from Brisbane. This was said to be the heart of the Northern Rivers NSW region. So, the town takes pride in its great Richmond River and majestic and uncrowded beaches. Lookouts around Ballina also left me in awe, especially the Pat Morton Lookout during sunset. It was magical.

We’ve visited a couple of coastal towns now, and so far, this is one of my favourites. I know the town has more to offer, but because we only had a few days here, we just slowly viewed and enjoyed what’s right in front of us -river and ocean, plus the outdoor market 💚

In this town, I was happy because for a change,  T had an idea to get up very early, and watch the sunrise! He said he “feels good”. This statement made me happier than the sunrise itself.💛

P.S. The Big Prawn is unfortunately not a restaurant. This Australia’s iconic big prawn is actually a monument, right in front of the household/hardware store, Bunnings. 🤣

On our way to Nambucca Heads, we stopped by Coffs Harbour to watch footy. We also had a quick look at the place (The Big Banana), and still somehow enjoyed it.

Where did we stay?

Sandalwood caravan and Leisure Park: It was far away from the centre. It was very quiet and spacious. the amenities were old but fairly clean. There’s a pool. due to the weather, there were puddles of water from our space to the shower. There was a permanent camper who prepares and sells food inside the park. You do not even have to go out anymore. 34/NIGHT.

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Part 14: Townsville, QLD

(2 weeks)

We have been to Townsville a few times now. This time around it was for personal reasons. Anyway, as we didn’t have our own car, so we couldn’t get around that much. During those short periods when we had mum’s car, we just did the basics like working out, (running along the Strand or walking the Castle Hill) , going to church, doing our grocery shopping, meeting up with family, or having our coffee out. The only time we were able to go out for half a day was on our last Sunday. We visited Paluma National Park.

This national park is situated 1.5hr away from Townsville. Surprisingly, nestled atop this rainforest is a village with, according to Wiki, a population of 68 (2016).  Paluma has countless waterfalls, walking trails, waterholes, and crystal-clear creeks. Due to time constraints, we weren’t able to explore the trails we initially planned to explore, but, it was still a good half-a-day trip, and Little Crystal Creek was my favourite. 💚

Overall, despite not doing much, I enjoyed this city. It was like our break from our ‘holiday’. It was rest, and rest is always good.

Where did we stay?

at Mum’s.=)

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Part 13: Teebar, QLD


We spent half a day in Teebar hoping to drive to the rock pools the next day. Unfortunately, it rained the whole night. We were anxious that floods might be coming soon, so we decided to head back to Brisbane instead. 🙁

Where did we stay?

Teebar Sports and Recreational Ground: Not bad for a free campground with toilet and shower.

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